Allow God to drive when you no longer can

God is waiting to help you and will do so no later than when you need it most!

I don”t know about you but I was so accustomed to fixing all the wrongs in my life.

I really believed I could fix everything. That was until “everything and more” came to me at once in a horrible way and I got overwhelmed.

Thats when divine interventions started happening and I was fully conscious about it.

I did not ask for it nor did I pray for it but God gave it to me willingly, freely and unconditionally!

I was already on a path of elevating my energetic consciousness but its like God revealed himself and said “from here on I’m taking over”, “just follow my directions”.

While this was between me and God, I was constantly surrounded by heavenly beings. You see they made sure that I never felt alone as long as I remained connected with Gods divine light.

It is when I recognised Gods hands at work in my life, that I started to examine what was going on, from synchronicities, to magical events, I was being bombarded with divine messages, examining them draw me near to him!

Thank you dear heavenly father for always being there, loving me, taking care of me, revealing youself in my life in front of my enemies. I am eternally gratefull and honor & praise you with all my being!

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