Allow God to drive when you no longer can

I don”t know about you but I was so accustomed to fixing all the wrongs in my life. I really believed I could fix everything. That was until “everything and more” came to me at once in a horrible way and I got overwhelmed. Thats when divine interventions started happening and I was fully conscious about it. I did not ask for it nor did I pray for it but God gave it to me willingly, freely and unconditionally! I was already on a path of elevating my energetic consciousness but its… Read More

When we fail to see the light around us

If and when a day comes that you fail to see the light around you, look within to when you felt fragile, to when you felt loved, happy. To when you felt care and compassion etc. These are the states of love which allow you to connect with others in the light. It is in thd light that we are balanced, at peace. Remember We are all a part of Gods Divine Light! love always D-Light

The Takeover level 2 – Moving to Surinam

How the takeover events grew in intensity in my life and reached another level, in an attempt to not just lower our vibrations but in essence end us! But the plan failed because of Gods divine & loving protection! God is not only mighty but he’s also so loving and caring at the sane time! No weapon forged against those in the light shall ever prosper! Thank you dear God for keeping us all safe! Let only the authentic truth touch you from the source of life. Stay in the light and… Read More

Spotlight – Outcry the Story of Greg Kelley

Last weekend I saw the story of Greg Kelley in the documentary Outcry. A young man wrongfully accussed and wrongfully punished. It was hard at times to watch this being in a similar position. Instead of putting me & my family in prison, they have built a prison around us, by hijacking everything in our lives in such a way that we have been relieved of our liberties. God is mighty! God is great! And God is justice! I still can’t wrap my mind around how people can just willfully choose to… Read More

VLOG on Injustice

Fight injustice by standing up for your right from your light! We are not each others enemy, find out how we relate to each other from our light.

Inspiration #1 – Be Happy, always!

Your viewpoint of everything changes when you continue to pursue a higher perspective of yourself and the events in your life. “View your life from the highest perspective to be Free and Happy!” To further INSPIRE & MOTIVATE, it’s like Pharrel Williams says………….

This is a test

This is a test. Dit is een test.

Erkenning discriminatie & racisme

Erkenning van discriminatie en racisme bij de politie

Shining the light of awareness on Mental Health & Accountability

Dear friends of the light, I would like to offer my deepest sympathy to the families who lost loved ones in both the Buffalo & Texas shootings. My heart and thoughts go out to you as you deal with this unbelievable reality. May all victims return to the light and R.I.P.! My heart is broken, I feel sad and disappointed when I look at the world we created, while we can create anything that we want! The darkness surrounding these recent events are predominantly irresponsibility, unaccountability and mental & spiritual instability and… Read More

Unity in light in support of Freedom and Peace

Supporting freedom and peace, inspiring choices of light over darkness, connecting to higher self, divine light

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