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An introduction to the “live your purpose” initiative.

My name is Denise Bruma and I am in the middle of an awakeningsprocess which I feel is leading me to my authentic self, so I can add the value life wants me to. I have a background in Information Technology, with over 20 years experience in managing changes in information systems. Next to the latter I am focusing on my spiritual growth and am certified on Reiki I, II and Master level and practice Reiki healing upon request.

I started the “Live your purpose” initiative as a social initiative, to live my purpose and inspire others to live theirs.

The idea is inspired by the need to do “my thing”, be of service to others and the fact that I see quite a large group of people losing themselves, not recognizing who they are, struggling to provide for themselves, a situation which nearly completely separates people from their selves and their life’s purpose and it’s not doing them well. I believe that life our life is not complete if we do not pursuit our life’s purpose.

As I become more aware on different levels and my understanding of life increases I am aware of transformation taking place. I have changed and am still changing more, as I try to understand the changes and incorporate them in my daily life.

What my life purpose is? I believe my life’s purpose is to motivate, inspire, empower all who feel the need to be inspired to walk their own path to their life’s purpose and if they so desire to combine it with providing for themselves.

If you believe you are here with a purpose and you feel you are not living your purpose and you would like to, contact me so we can get the journey on its way.

Values are:

>Life in all it’s forms should be respected!

>How we treat each other with: Love, Kindness, Integrity, Honesty, Responsibility, Empathy, Mutual Respect and Humility!

>On this platform only positive intentions are welcome, communications with negative intentions are not welcome and will be removed!

Lighting my path (and showing me how to navigate positively through negative waters)


-My mother

-My Father

-My Family

-Me myself

Knowledge (from books & websites):