WARNING  of something not good awaiting us all!

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Dear readers,

I feel the need to bring to your attention that there’s something odd and not only odd but not of the good kind in manifestation. I have been aware of this for quite some years now but I didn’t know what it meant and now it seems it might be related to our current situation. I believe I was ignoring it because of all the distractions, but I am hearing more and more of others sharing the same kind of dream/vision as I had.

I just heard a post from of a pastor of a ministry whose word I do hold high as he tries to enlighten and share nothing but truth and I connected the dots with other spiritual leaders as well. It seems I am not the only one.

So I am coming out now about being aware of this. The feeling it gave and still gives me is that there is “Something horribly wrong”. The things I am referring to have an energetic and spiritual origin. AT this moment I don’t have more information on the details but the prophetic warnings given off by different spiritual leaders have been experienced by by me as well, I am no spiritual leader but I did receive on two occasions what I now have come to understand is a prophetic warning of something bad which is coming our way.

What it means?

Although this is yet to be determined, if ever there was a time to rekindle your connection with your spiritual life and God, I would strongly suggest you take the time to look into that now. There are bible apps in different religions you can use to help you find prayers and can help.

There was a time I was struggling with energetic beings, at home we weren’t active in our religion though raised as Christians, however it was Psalm 23, I could hold on to in combination with prayers which would help me get sleep during the night. “The lord is my shepherd…”

In will also continue on this topic in my next Vlog and look at what more we can do to take care of your wellbeing as things are unfolding. If there was ever a time to embrace your light, the time is now!

Love & light and may God bless you!

Stay safe!

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