Embrace your light

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With your light I am referring to your spirit. I too have come to adopt the perspective that we are spiritual beings on a physical journey and I believe that during the time of our spiritual journey the ones who are on their journey are of spirit, mind and body.

Manny people I believe live their lives according to the perceptions of their minds, their ego more specifically, their entire world of thought, emotions and actions are based on it. I understand it, I used to think, that my thoughts were me and my emotions were me. I AM angry, I AM sad, well AM I, anger, sadness? Or do I just feel that way at the moment?

When you connect with your spirit it not only connects you with the Divine Universal Spirit but your spirit can connect and direct your mind and body as well.

For instance I am writing this post from a state of consciousness but through the mind. The mind is being directed by the spirit to share this information. The mind knows exactly how to manifest that desire in this physical world, I simply access the memory area in the brain where I stored how to write a post. I see it as an integration, a cooperation between the spirit and the mind and it is beautiful.

But, what happens if my spirit is not directing my mind? While you have your ego looking out for you, could you always rely on it? Does your ego know everything it needs to know to direct your body or your brain away from harm? I believe the answer is no. Think of the times your intuition (part of your spiritual highest and authentic self!) told you to do or not do something without you even understanding why but you complied and in the end you were glad you did! Just like if you intuition had access to knowledge you were not even aware of. When I received directives from my intuition it never failed me. In fact it was I who failed my intuition in the past when I chose to ignore an intuitive directive, which always came at a price! So I also started to practice using my intuition more for instance by consulting it more while being fully aware or by playing intuitive games etc.

One of the important things I learned from experiencing directing the brain from the spirit is that, you can choose which to use in your life.

The mind is truly fantastic for things you already experienced or understand or which otherwise fits in a mind structure and is accessible to our senses (you can see, hear, smell, taste or touch it) etc. But when it comes down to things which do not fit your mind structure or cannot be perceived by our body senses you could get stuck in your mind, running circles trying to add meaning to something which does not fit in the mind structure. In those cases it could be of more help to use your intuition and/or your spirit.

When I applied this, I noticed that I stopped thinking of things I had no answer for, I let them go to create some space (expand the search area if you will) and practiced mindful meditation and/or prayed for clarity for what was eluding me and I always found answers.

When the spirit and the mind work in cooperation those resources are unlimited and even greater than all our minds put together.

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