Govern your mind – Are you co-creating light or darkness?

“There is a war going on for the control of our mind and it is being fought in the shadows. In the war darkness seeks to thwart our lives perhaps even our destiny, by infiltrating our mind and more.” How to arm yourself, meaning your spirit, mind & body? Today I am discussing why I believe it is important that we acknowledge our spirit and integrate it in our lives. I believe it is linked to the things we create in this world and even more importantly I believe that if we… Read More

Embrace your light

With your light I am referring to your spirit. I too have come to adopt the perspective that we are spiritual beings on a physical journey and I believe that during the time of our spiritual journey the ones who are on their journey are of spirit, mind and body. Manny people I believe live their lives according to the perceptions of their minds, their ego more specifically, their entire world of thought, emotions and actions are based on it. I understand it, I used to think, that my thoughts were me… Read More

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