A special welcome to new friends of divine light

A special welcome message to friends of divine light

VLOG on embracing your spirit

English This VLOG serves as an introduction VLOG for a series of VLOGS which I will be hosting. They will focus on providing guidelines on how to actually align yourself with your Life Purpose. There is a new, like age upon us, this age is a highly spiritual age and it requires us to become aware! I am dedicating this VLOG to those wishing to embrace their own spirit, allowing them to pursue their Life Purpose. It is also intended for those ready for the next step after embracing their own spirit… Read More

Awareness is key

This is me surrendering to my urge, to mentally process and describe spiritual transformation processes I am going through in order to increase understanding, learning and growth with myself and others. In order to fulfill our life purpose(s) we need to understand what our life purpose is and in order to understand our life purpose(s) we need to understand ourselves. Awareness is the key to not only understanding ourselves but to understanding everything around us and stimulates states and feelings of clarity, interconnectedness and allows us to grow in a way that… Read More

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