A special welcome to new friends of divine light

A special welcome message to friends of divine light

Lesson learned – Experience: In order to counter darkness you need to see it

I was triggered by a post on FB focused on repentance, things we repent, we were sorry we did them and it was yesterday that I was contemplating something I did because I did not (wish to) see the entire truth and that was exactly the lesson God had for me. Let me tell you a story about helping others. I was wrong to help my sister, but not her son! I also know why. In the past I was a person who saw only the light in people. I resonated to… Read More

Remember why you are here!

~ ~ ~ As you start your day, remember, all expressions of life as we know it here on earth, be it humans, animals, plants or microorganisms, they are ALL here, without exception, for a SHORT time, to EXPERIENCE A LIFE and make the absolute best of this opportunity, so see it as a gift if you will, be grateful and embrace your experience! It is our Divine Creator God and God alone who determines when a life is to start and when a life is to end. So when it is… Read More