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Are you awakening?

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There are an increasing amount of people drawn to meditation, mindfulness and spirituality.

I could not help but wonder how this relates to our current in general accepted learning system in which the adversity is a way of growing. In other words create darkness to bring out the light.

And it works, there are people who found their light after going through horrific circumstances and are sharing there light with the world, but there are also those who do not. You can feel the manifested darkness which is hanging around in the form of negative energy or worse and then there is the matter of accountability. I believe everyone should help clean the negative energy they (co-)created, it would greatly help transform negative energy to positive. So while the adversity learning system works, it comes at a high price.

Fortunately there are people being triggered to awaken/become present and as they do, a new learning system becomes available. Could it be that it is from the relative point of not being fully aware of a concept that we feel the recurring need to explore and identify the extremes? For instance, what is darkness and what is light? What would I notice in me and my life from increasing light? What would I notice in me and my life from increasing darkness? Etc. If that is the case, then if we become aware that there are these paradoxes like darkness and light, sweet and sour, we don’t have to re-explore the extremes, we can choose to explore new dimensions of these concepts by diving into them and experiencing them on that deeper level and each time we go deeper to further understand the concept, that deepening will help to balance the concepts out in ourselves and our lives, we will learn, grow and have expanded our consciousness in those areas.

Freedom, Peace, Love & Life

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Remembering Freedom, Peace, Love and Life (F,P, L & L)

As I burn a white candle today I remember and honour all those who fought to ensure freedom, Peace, Love and the continuation of Life.

-In order to fight to live a free life, one needs to understand what “Freedom” is but also what “Non-Freedom” is!

-In order to fight for a peaceful life, one needs to understand what “Peace” is but also what “Non-Peace” is!

-In order to fight for a life in which our actions are based on Love, one needs to understand what “Love” is but also what “Non-Love” is!

-In order to fight to simply live our life, one needs to understand what “Life” is but also what “Non-Life” is!

If our heart does not drive our understanding, then what are we fighting for? The things which matter the most to us deep down in our hearts might keep eluding us.

How wise, compassionate and majestic indeed are those acting from a place of understanding, a common ground, a place where we can connect with each other. Before the end of all our times we will remember what it means to interact with each other from a place of understanding.

Collective evolution?

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My texts are too lengthy for some, so I will keep it shor(ter). ~ I feel we are in a huge transformational shift. I feel life seems to be urging us to not only be aware of it but to notice how the transformations are impacting everyone and everything and this is just the beginning! And I must say that I am actually loving it, I feel I need to give in to this, just go with the flow. When life itself wants change I believe it is for the better, the old is not working (anymore). It’s just like if we ourselves also need to transform, evolve if you will from the relative position we take in this life.

It is time to let go of what is not working!

To ride these waves I am drawn to understanding, being open, starting new and most of all too look deeper inside, farther within myself to better understand myself. How could you dream of understanding others or even the transformation we are going through if you do not wish to see and/or understand yourself?

In my next post I will look at forgiveness as result of the shifts in focus which I started to make on emotions from negative events to the “Silver linings” I discovered on the other side. and more about a new course I started (more like a journey), more about that in my next post.

~Shed your skin to see what’s in(side)~

Our inter-connectedness in life

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I would like to tell you a story which proved to me the connection our spirits have in life. My mothers birthday is on May 16th, last year (2020), as I was thinking what I should do for her, words started to come to me and I felt like writing her a song. On the 12th of May the following words came to me:

Just breathe,

Just be-he,

Close your eyes and you-ho will see-ee, when live doesn’t go as you had foreseen,

I’ll be here beside you, just breathe.

Just breathe,

Just be-he,

Find happiness in you-ho and me-ee,

Even when the chips are down I won’t let you down.

As long as God doesn’t tell me to come home, Ill be around, to tell you once more to just breathe.

So just breathe,

just be-he,

Let go of all things which inhibit you from being free,

Think of all the fun you’ve had with all the people who helped you be

Remember our love for you is really true

and I’ll walk with you through the flames

Believe me when I tell you, I love you and I always will

See, I’m telling you once again, just breathe.

I recorded an audio file but did not find the music I wanted so I did not give her the song, I let her hear it after her birthday and then on May 25th I could not believe my ears when I heard what happend to Mr. George Floyd, I had to shed my tears, especially when I heard what his last words were. “I can’t breathe…..”

While my intention consciously was to write this for my mother, I could not help but feel after Mr. Floyd’s death that I had written it for him, before the event happend, outside of time……

I don’t know Mr Floyd nor do I know his family or friends, it seems life is sending us messages, we are inter-connected through life’s universal energy, we always were and we always will be, so what kind of connections are you consciously making and fostering!? You have the power to self-reflect, use it as often as possible, to gain better understanding of yourself and others in order to transform your connections in the way life is asking us to. If you don’t know where to begin with your self reflection, then before you perform any action, ask yourself would you want that for yourself or for the people you care about!? Answer truthfully and be aware of your answer and then act accordingly in line with your truth.

I need to speak my mind

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I need to air my “brain-container” by speaking my mind,

or I feel I might get blind,

or I even might get deaf,

or even speak less,

if I can’t get this mess off my chest,

Release the energy with zest,

so I can finally give the “brain-container” some rest.

Awareness of thought

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Food for thought

What I have learnt in my life is that life has purpose resulting in things having value as they more or less contribute to life’s purposes. Just simply living and doing isn’t enough since we seem to also be beings of purpose and value to life, we have our own little purpose(s) in life. When we life with intent (the intentions geared solely to fulfill our purpose(s)) based on our highest possible self, we may add the value life is requesting us to add to life.

Darkness uses different forms of distractions, harassments, but also chaos and illusions and more to keep you from your path.

For anyone lacking motivation/drive, if you already feel you are heading in the right direction but something still might be feeling off, then keep doing what you are doing, just try to keep your focus as much as possible on what you are doing and keep reflecting so as not to miss little changes which might be necessary and to keep learning and growing and use techniques to silence your mind to hear the guidance from your intuition, which is linked to the Universe itself, your deity and religion.

Enjoy exploring your thoughts!

Awareness of emotions

When you start being aware of your emotions, you start to notice feelings which arise in you. Our emotions can be used to lift us and connect us with universal energy and each other, which could in turn make us feel bliss. However they can also be used to bring darkness in our lives. In general it is said that feelings follow thought, I have experienced this to be true for the feelings which truly originate from me myself. However not all feelings have their true origin from within me.

I have discovered that I am an empath, meaning I can sense other people’s feelings. After finding this out, it only made me more aware of the difference between feeling my own feelings within me and feeling other people’s feelings within me. In case of the latter, I feel the feelings but I also sense that there is a kind of misalignment on an internal level, as if they are not mine. Like I do not recognize them.

So yes while the things that we feel come from our internal receptors they need not originate internally. For this reason and the fact that if feelings follow thought and thoughts are linked to our belief system, your feelings may not always be your own and they may not always be right, depending on whether your belief system supports an accurate perspective.

A next thing to be aware of is our connections with each other on an energetic/emotional level. A general accepted concept is that of “vibrations”, in which we all emit vibrations (energies) and a widely accepted concept is that we attract vibrations on the level that we ourselves emit. There are different levels of vibrations from low to high, where low vibrations are said to correspond with low thoughts, feelings and actions and the high vibrations are said to correspond with high thoughts, feelings and actions in the sense of close to your “higher (energetic) self” which is a part of the universal energy and which stimulates feelings of connectedness, happiness & love. In my experience these energetic vibrations form our basic energetic communications and they represent our basic and true intentions. And moreover they do not lie, they just are what they are!

When you interact with others these vibrations meet and at some level you become aware of it, you sense it each other. When the vibrations in your surroundings are on a lower level than yours you can sense that because you might feel lower in different ways, you might feel resistance (I do not want….) or not good about yourself, or other feelings more associated with negativity. On the other hand when people are emitting high vibrations, you may feel feelings which seem to elevate you nearly literally, you may feel good, loved, understood, you may feel joy, you may feel that you want to share, be creative, dance, otherwise express creativity, feel clear/clarity and understanding all culminating in feelings of love for the self and others and all is good.

These are two different feelings and since life is full of intent and purpose, when you become aware of the different feelings, you can start being selective in what influences you? And whether you prefer to feel lifted up or bogged down.

In my experience emotional communications is a two way street, it is definitely good to be aware of the vibrations you are putting out, as we have the power to influence each other. However there are also situations in which people emitting a high vibration are confronted with people emitting low vibrations and the reason in my perspective lies in the belief system which the people having the low vibrations seem to follow. An ego-driven belief system is not to be underestimated, it has the potential to alter perspectives in order to fulfill the need of the ego (to have this or that, be this or that and more….), while dismissing the other(s) and their communication altogether. I have experienced this first hand.

So when you are aware of your own vibrations, where you are coming from (so to speak), whether you are lifting others up or you are breaking them down. Then you can use your intuition to guide you to asses other people’s vibrations and understand their true intentions and act accordingly. Be aware of who and what influences you and with what intention.

Aware of letting go

Freedom of expression

As I let go, I feel flow

Going straight to my head

Releasing what has was said and thought from my mouth to my head

Going back all the way down, where my feet meet the ground

Oh what a wonderful feeling, oh what a wonderful day

Wish it would stay forever this way Sending it your way, to share it and hope that you might come to the same point and say “I feel flow, as I let go…………………………..”

Awareness is key

This is me surrendering to my urge, to mentally process and describe spiritual transformation processes I am going through in order to increase understanding, learning and growth with myself and others. In order to fulfill our life purpose(s) we need to understand what our life purpose is and in order to understand our life purpose(s) we need to understand ourselves.

Awareness is the key to not only understanding ourselves but to understanding everything around us and stimulates states and feelings of clarity, interconnectedness and allows us to grow in a way that adds value to our own lives and that of others.

When I started practicing awareness, I started by silencing my mind and observing what I noticed. At first I started to notice that I was drawn back to thinking quite often and I had to intentionally take the focus off of my mind (by thinking, stop thinking). After doing that quite often I also became more aware of my feelings, emotionally and physically, it would be like I had more information over myself and it felt good. I would notice things, like physical discomfort which I before I would ignore and now I would more intuitively know what to do with it and/or what the reason was. The same happened with with my surroundings, I would notice more and get a much better understanding of my surroundings, from close and far! This was very enlightening and worth further pursuit. Now I practice being (aware) everyday as often as I can, I believe it gives me valuable insights, into myself and into other people and situations, next to clarity these insights then give me alternatives to deal with the situations and interactions with others and last but not least it motivates self reflection which allows me to learn more about myself.

It is at one point during my “awakening process” that I noticed that I had questions, I was noticing (or becoming aware) of things which I did not understand. I did research and it led me to an awakening process and awareness.

Tell me your experiences, what lead you to awareness? How did you first notice your awareness was increasing? Does it add value to your life currently and if so how? Are there other items than the once mentioned above noticed from practicing awareness?

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