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Oproep – delen om te helen

Een oproep om met elkaar in gesprek te gaan, voor hun die gedupeerd zijn maar niet erkend worden en behoefte hebben om te delen, wie weet wat we voor elkaar kunnen betekenen als we het niet proberen zullen we er nooit achter komen!

VLOG – The Takeover

The time has come to shed divine light on my own stories of incredible events I’m experiencing.

I believe that our spirit, mind and body can be under attack and that for me my mind and spirit are currently under attack. I also believe the attacks have different levels of severity.

I will be sharing these stories level by level.

I’m sharing this for both my healing and that of others!

You can overcome anything you want to!

We are infinitely greater than any event thrown at us!

Love always Dlight

Spotlight – Outcry the Story of Greg Kelley

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Last weekend I saw the story of Greg Kelley in the documentary Outcry. A young man wrongfully accussed and wrongfully punished.

It was hard at times to watch this being in a similar position. Instead of putting me & my family in prison, they have built a prison around us, by hijacking everything in our lives in such a way that we have been relieved of our liberties.

God is mighty! God is great! And God is justice!

I still can’t wrap my mind around how people can just willfully choose to destroy someones (in this case a young man’s) life?

I was realy happy to see how Greg maintained faith in God, faith in himself, determination and strength and overcame darkness, assisted by others led by Gods justice!

This led to new and proper investigations which proved Greg was innocent, which in turn was acknowledged in a legal court and resulted in Greg being exonerated!

Even I felt a weight shift, for all wrongfully accused this is the bare minum that should be done.

It stenghtens my faith that there are people who believe in justice & that Gods presence is among us and that either way balance will be restored!

It also illustrates how we can manifest Gods justice in this world, simply by speaking & acting from a place of justice and in that way restore balance.

I wish Greg and his family and friends a Happy new life! And all wrongfully accussed I wish your situation gets balanced out asap!

Dear God, continue to grace us all with your presence and allow us to reflect your beatiful light to balance out injustice everywhere it’s needed! Amen!

Take care!


VLOG on Injustice

injustice is being elevated to the norm by the greedy, the needy, the angry and those mentally weak.

We all have been given more than enough qualities and competences to advance ourselves and grow on our own strength in our chosen direction, instead of pretending to grow by cutting others short so it seems we have grown or by talking others down or otherwise undermining them.

When facing injustice remember we have the right to stand up for ourselves, it’s just how we do it, meaning where we are coming from energy wise, which will determine the outcome and remember that when you practice injustice and you do others wrong without correcting it, you are building negative karmatic energy which will come back to haunt you!

I will never understand how people can suddenly turn and become someone’s enemy. We are not each others enemy we are not each others adversary! We are more each other’s example, each others mirror, each others inspiration, each others fascination! It is through each other that we get a glimpse of the vastness of the diversity of life.

Fight the darkness – Celebrate the light!

The Take Over

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I would like to share with you insights on the ‘take over’ which I perceive is going on at this moment.

There’s a VLOG which can’t be uploaded at this moment, so I will share it through a BLOG.

I would also like to emphasize the importance of discerning between influences from darkness versus those from the light, so that you can separate yourself from influences from darkness for which social media platforms are also used. There are people connecting with the intention to send darkness your way!

The take over as I call it, is nothing less than a hostile mass invasion of darkness on each and every level of our existence. A whitch hunt but this time the hunters are the whitches and their allies in darkness.

To me it seems like darkness is tired of its dimension of hell and seeks to expand hell on earth, and they are well on their way.

Some time ago I shared a dream about shiny objects falling on me and everyone in the dream and the shiny things fell through my skin & body and they were everywhere.

I believe this happend and is in effect at the moment in the form of what I call the take over.

This take over aims to overtake each and every individuals mind and body.

It is our holy trinity which makes us complete within the light. Meaning it is our body, mind and spirit which makes us complete as we are meant to be here on earth and which also enables us to pursue and fulfill our life purpose.

Without our holy trinity we are incomplete and very vulnerable!

Our mind is a powerful tool for manifestations. When our body and mind are combined they can create almost anything here on earth.

I believe the take over is geared towards replacing the basis of our perception, which are rooted in through light from light to dark, allowing darkness to manifest whatever it wants on earth.

This is how, up is becoming down, wrong is becoming wright, good is becoming bad and lies are becoming the truth v.v.

My answer to this development is to reclaim your light!

I reclaim my light!

I reclaim my light!

You have no power over me!

You have no power over me!

VLOG – A blueprint to oppression in the year 2022

Be aware of the things you accept as the new ‘normal’, for others and eventually for yourself!

Some soul food – it’s Gods time now!

The power and softness of Divine Light. Copyright Denise Bruma

It’s not your time!

and it’s not my time either.

It’s Gods time!

A message from Divine Light -Copyright Denise Bruma

If you look ‘soft’ enough you will see Gods hand in your life. There are message going up and down from left to right, diagonal and in between.

Speak less, observe more to see more. Less is more!

Don’t forget, to nurture your connection with the Divine Energy of Life, you need to first nurture your connection with your own spirit mind and body.

Have a inspirational, soulful and enlightend day and start of the week.


Inspiration #1 – Be Happy, always!

Your viewpoint of everything changes when you continue to pursue a higher perspective of yourself and the events in your life.

View your life from the highest perspective to be Free and Happy!”

To further INSPIRE & MOTIVATE, it’s like Pharrel Williams says………….

Inspirational texts are texts which aim to inspire, motivate, enlighten, empower, guide and in essence supports the development of a soulful life, filled with purpose and enlightenment.

Divide and Conquer defined

A definition from Wiki:

“A strategy for achieving political or military control”

A definition from Merriam-Webster:

“To make a group of people disagree and fight with one another, so that they will not join together against one.

Allow it to sink in and become aware. Because when we are aware we will see the many forms in which this strategy is being deployed.

By solely focusing on the opposite actions this strategy can be side tracked.


-There is strength in Unity, find your unity in light

-Unity is based on, among other things relations which we already have, trust, love, compassion, reliability, common goals, etc. Reach out to each other and communicate for real with each other and leave no space for darkness to abuse.

Love & D-Light

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Meditation on root chakra

*Breathe in for 6 seconds (nose) and out 7 seconds (mouth).*

-My spirit is connected deep down in the earth

-I am nourished

-I am present on every level of my consciousness

-I am eternally save

-I am grounded

-I let go of every negativity, evil and darkness which is not intended for my highest self or which keeps me from pursuing my life purpose.

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Love & D-light

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