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Mantra – Inviting Light, Love & Positivity

According to Oxford Languages a mantra originates in Hinduism and Buddhism and is a word or sound repeated to aid concentration and/or a statement or slogan repeated frequently.

In other words it helps to increase focus. Having focus is important to achieve positive growth in any area of your life.

I am aware of Mantra’s being used in support of our main chakra’s. For instance to chant Ohm, Lam in support of our chakra’s etc. I felt inspired to create my own, Light, Love & Positivity in which the intent IS to call Light, Love and Positivity in my life, especially in a moment where I would need it the most. I felt it worked for me, it lifts my vibrations.

Feel free to drop me a line and let me know whether this mantra works for your or not.

My first Mantra for inviting Light, Love & Positivity


Facing your shadow
Activating Hope

Be Strong, keep the faith and never loose hope!

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Who would want to be systemically experiencing injustice on a daily basis?

I want justice and I want clarity and I want resolution! I also would like to share some words with you to uplift you and inspire you to keep moving.

I prayed for clarity and insight into that which others were working real hard on obscuring from me concerning a grave injustice which was done to me and just a couple of days ago it was revealed to me! This is powerful, I had to let it sink in, digest it. I can hardly believe it as others were working so hard to keep it form me.

I thank God and the Divine Universe for answering my prayer! Normally I would just do my thing, but this time I decided to pray and ask for help, for the clarity and insight and I did the work, I did the research, consulted quite some organizations and God did the rest.

The revelations encompassed multiple messages, in the first place I was right, there was a grave injustice done which was being kept from me and it isn’t right and needs to be resolved! It’s possible to receive divine help however it has the most potential to reach us when we do what we can in the situation and align ourselves as much as possible with our life purpose.

God is great and inspiring!

The name of the game is…

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The name of the game which is being played is ‘brainwashing’, ‘brainwashing’, ‘brainwashing’ or mind control if you prefer.

Feel free to look it up through a search engine, there is much written about it. I enjoyed reading amongst other sites.

The most important thing to realize is that brainwashing or mind control techniques operate on the mind.

I have encountered all the techniques mentioned in the website I mentioned above and more, there are other techniques which involve planting of thoughts and emotions directly in your mind. This is one of the reasons why there are others wanting to obtain as much information from and about you as is possible, so that they can use it in a way that it resembles your own thoughts and/or feelings. So now I am aware of this my spirit acts like a police officer stopping shady thoughts and emotions to interrogate them “where did you come from?” and “where are you going? or “what’s your objective?” Hahaha… 🙂 But seriously, I am sharing this detail with you so that you have faith that anyone can deal with this and overcome it if they wish to. Instead of doing nothing and fostering idle hope! You see all these techniques have the potential to mess up our mental perceptions of self and of the outside world and ultimately could result in some people losing their mind.

This is one of the main reasons why it is imperative to embrace your spirit, get to know yourself deep down, expand your awareness of who you are at your core. It is through getting to know your intuitive and highest inner self, where you feel centered and connected with life itself that you will be able to identify things which do not belong in your mind and emotional body and which will make you better equipped to retain your sanity.

I retained my sanity and while I learned a great deal about myself, there is also still a great deal more for me to learn! You see that version of our self is not of the mind, it is of the spirit and it is the only part of our self which has the clarity and insight needed to challenge our mind when it has been infiltrated in this manner.

Divine light is diminishing in the world –Turn up your light!

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There are many souls terminating their journey here on earth of which I have faith many will return to Divine light and not all are Covid-19 related.

But this also led me to become aware of Divine light in the process of being diminished in the world.

Why is being aware of this of importance? Well because it also entails that negativity, given enough space leads to darkness and in the end darkness only leads to (our individual and collective) demise.

The way to deal with allowing yourself to choose to be positive is to be conscious. You can expand your consciousness over a situation by focusing on what is going on, without giving it any thought. Just simply observing with your senses. This slowing down of an event gives you the opportunity to take in the entire event and separate it from what it does to you (something which you can then also observe), you then have the ‘space’ to (if you are sensitive to your intuition) follow your intuitive guidance or be guided from a more mental oriented state to ‘think’ of your best positive response.

By the way with ‘response’ I don’t necessarily mean an external response, it could also be a positive thought or feeling. Or even the absence of response, which I consider to also be a response to a situation, could be the positivity which the situation needs.

Let me tell you a story of one of the experiences I had. When I was around 19 years old I took a break from studying and found a job. I worked with two other ladies who were my direct colleagues, I was the youngest at that time. The other colleague was 25 and the eldest was over the 50, if I remember it well.

These two women were to train me in my work. What I was to find out was that they had a quarrel with each other and they would use me to hurt each other, by giving me faulty assignments to mess up each others work, which would then also mess me up. You can imagine that this was not a work situation which I considered pleasant a tall. This was bully behavior and it came to a point where I started to resent working there, at the worst point where I felt the negative stress of returning to work on a daily basis I felt I just had two choices, either it would break me or something had to change and I felt that if I followed that feeling I would not be able to continue working there.

So, the first decision I came to was that I had nothing to do with that situation and I was not going to let that break me! So I had made my choice. I explored how I felt and what I needed, I acknowledged my feelings fully consciously but also acknowledged that I needed to earn my salary to pay for my apartment, so I could not leave instantly but something needed to change. This clarity came after acknowledging the emotions and consciously choosing not to indulge in them, to shift my focus from how I felt to only perform the job I was hired to do at work to be able to continue to work there. This focus in turn gave me a form of peace or maybe a better word would be acceptance which allowed me to continue, while ignoring being played around and that in turn gave me strength and space I needed to figure out what next.

And I found ‘what next’, after I had exhausted of changing something in the workplace, I decided that since there was nothing to be done on that end I would have to leave, I did not like the bullying going on and I was not planning on staying on long enough to adopt that kind of behavior to bully anyone at the workplace or any other place. So I then focused on leaving and I found out I desperately wanted to go back to college, find the right ICT study, educate myself further and get my degree. After I found the right college and had arranged for the student loan, I handed in my resignation.

I have to give thanks to this challenging situation because it was for that reason that I was super motivated to search and find the ICT college which had a curriculum I resonated with 100% and I graduated with wonderful grades!

And let me add one more thing which made me super happy and proud, I worked hard to earn my degree and applied for a job and found a job and paid back every last cent on my student loan.

Do not let anybody steal your thunder – Every time you decide to stay in positivity, you increase your light and potentially also that of others. So turn up your light by choosing positivity over negativity, as often as you can!

Lesson learned – Experience: In order to counter darkness you need to see it

I was triggered by a post on FB focused on repentance, things we repent, we were sorry we did them and it was yesterday that I was contemplating something I did because I did not (wish to) see the entire truth and that was exactly the lesson God had for me. Let me tell you a story about helping others.

I was wrong to help my sister, but not her son!

I also know why. In the past I was a person who saw only the light in people. I resonated to and with the good in others and in turn it made them resonate with my vibrational level, elevating them from their relative vibrational level.

That is why when my sister showed up with her son at my door one day asking for help, I did not see the darkness which had grown in her as a result of the life she lived caused by her focus on lack, which actually had led her to neglect her son, causing him to develop odd behavior. Even when he showed us some of that behavior when we would watch over him while his mother spent an entire day at the church when he was 3/4 y.o. and when his mother would come back from the church after being away from him from 09:00/10:00 AM until around 18:00 hours, he would run away from her and crouch in a corner as he hugged himself crying. Because I believed she loved him dearly and I could not see the darkness.

I knew he had experienced a lot, bullying etc. but then I could not see what it was related to.

Then years after, one of the weekends he spent at my house, he broke down in tears, he did not want to go back to his Mom and a flood of horrible stories came out of his mouth about there being no food to eat, going to school with an empty stomach and more, while I amongst others, supported them with funds and food! So where were the money and food going if not to them!? What was she doing with them? I made the mistake again, to not (want?) to see how grave the situation was which allowed him to come to us and break down in tears. I thought about what to do, I could not deny his request to stay, because whom will he turn to, so I decided I would bring him back and explain the situation to her and discuss him staying with us and I believed it would work out. Well it did not! She was livid the moment she heard what he had said, she became violent, started screaming, hit me full in the face then bit me and it is by the grace of the people who saw it happen and interfered that they managed to make her stop the assault. I left and my nephew came with me, we were in a state of shock.

I knew that if I had brought the child to the police in the state of distress he was at my house, they would not only have removed the child from her care but they might have placed her in jail for neglecting her child. Even after she had bitten my hand, in the shock and the pain, I decided not to go to the police, because the situation would be perceived as an assault (which it was) but not intentionally, which would be another cause for her to be jailed falsely, which I do not believe to be justified.

The dream

I had a dream. It was about my family, we were in one of those ski lifts and it was moving through dark and then light and suddenly my eyes fell upon a little odd being, wearing a hat and I instantly new it didn’t belong there. As soon as I realized that, the being launched out to attack, bite my nephew, in the dream he would have been about 4 y.o. I instantly reacted by extending my arm before the child. I closed my eyes because I expected the bite to hurt, then I opened my eyes and I saw the being making bite movements on my arm, but it had no teeth so it did not hurt me.

I woke up and felt fear, which then turned to anger and I thought I am going to fall back asleep and if I see it again I will kill it and a weapon appeared in my minds eye. Well now, I fell asleep and rose feeling wonderful and rested, just as if I went to heaven and slept like a baby in the clouds.

I thought it was just a dream, months later at work while talking about ghost stories, I told my dream and a colleague knew to tell me by the description that the being was real, he told me the name it goes by and how there are people who use it to spread darkness!

I started to understand it was more than just a dream. I had shielded my nephew from an attack from darkness and I believe it was meant to happen, moreover the fact that the being of darkness which was sent could not bite me indicated to me it was my purpose to shield him.

The entire experience with darkness made me stronger, gave me more clarity and insight. It is like if God wants me to see beyond, more than the light, to see all that is. The Danger comes not from the light but from the darkness lurking behind the light, manipulating what is.

In order to counter it and its effects you need to see it first!

I believe God wants me to help others, but not by covering up for darkness and pretending nothing is wrong so that darkness can continue, but by motivating others to have the courage to self reflect, become aware of what is wrong which involves you and have the courage to look deeper to your own contribution to the situation to be able to identify that what you need to change within yourself.

This is the lesson I have learnt!

Crowdfunding Pilot Project

I have started a Crowdfunding Pilot Project, you can find the page under the Services menu or following the link provided below for more information:

PLEASE Share, Like, Donate (need not be in that order!)

Raising your energetic level

There are truly some dark times which have come upon us, which have the potential to lower our energy level and if it stays low for a long time the lower level can latch on to us and do us more harm than good.

Fortunately for us we can do something about how we feel, there is a technique which is referenced as “raising vibrations”, which entails engaging yourself which leads to positivity, sometimes we forgot the things which lead us to positivity and allow us to uplift our energetic level to increase positive thoughts, feelings and actions. (source: see also and

I believe a learning experience for me consists of being aware of something, gaining knowledge about it, experimenting or trying it out (and evaluating the results) and subsequently to understand it. And I believe we are here to experience, experience and experience and then some more.

Anyway I live in an environment where positivity seems to be challenged continuously and it is very hard for me to get used to or accept it because the fact that positivity and happiness are being challenged, is almost alien to me, it is the opposite of the way I live or even would want to live. So I had to revert to the higher level of Divine Universal purpose to make sense of this and from that perspective I had to come to terms that this has to be part of the Divine Universal purpose and from that part touch my higher purpose.

So I refocused on myself again and my own purpose which is coming through and thought let me start writing down positive things, lets see if I can intentionally increase substantially raise my vibrations.

And you know what I started the list and as I wrote one thing after the other, the ones which I myself actually experienced, brought back wonderful memories and made me smile and it raised my energetic level!

That is how easy it could be! Does anyone have more to add? I may have forgotten some or not be aware of others which increase your energetic level and in essence makes you feel happy!

I hope you truly enjoy recalling based on this list and feel free to return more for me to add!

-Positive affirmations (I love myself, I love others, life is beautiful ….)

-Expressing gratitude

-Cherishing your loved ones & Expressing your love

-Surrounding yourself with positive and uplifting people

-Helping others, especially innocent people and/or people in need of help

-Doing anything which makes you happy, without making other people sad

-Listening to uplifting music or a beautiful song which gives you goosebumps

-Playing music

-Using your imagination to create something you like, love, think of as beautiful

-Drawing something you like, love, think is beautiful

-Healing someone or something

-Telling a joke, even if you yourself have to laugh while telling it

-Recalling positive memories (including harmless mistakes with funny results)

-Sharing positive memories with loved ones, as often as feels good

-Dancing alone

-Dancing with others

-Watching a movie which makes your cry and release something

-Watching a movie which makes you laugh

-Watching a movie which gives you a feeling of hope

-Planning a trip or an outing together with people you care about

-Sharing wonderful news

-Preparing and/or eating your favorite meal

-Eating your favorite sweets

-Surprising someone with a present -Pull a prank, scare someone

-Smelling a flower

VLOG on embracing your spirit


This VLOG serves as an introduction VLOG for a series of VLOGS which I will be hosting. They will focus on providing guidelines on how to actually align yourself with your Life Purpose.

There is a new, like age upon us, this age is a highly spiritual age and it requires us to become aware!

I am dedicating this VLOG to those wishing to embrace their own spirit, allowing them to pursue their Life Purpose. It is also intended for those ready for the next step after embracing their own spirit and that is to embrace God in your life, because I found out that if you choose to, God will be able to communicate with more clarity with you and reveal things to you, like his plan for you.

My objective is to assist as many people as is possible to align themselves with their Life Purpose and in a most practical way. This will increase their positivity, their sense of happiness and wholeness (amongst other things) and their interconnectedness on both a spiritual level as well as on a worldly level and even more important it will keep us safe, because by not embracing our spirit we leave a (crucial) part of ourselves vulnerable to be exploited.

Some of the topics which will be covered in the VLOGs:

1 – What we are

2 – The importance of free will

3 – The difference between negativity and darkness

4 – Becoming aware

While walking on my own path in pursuit my Life Purpose, I actually recognized two notable stages. In the first stage I embraced and connected with my own spirit by increasing my awareness, the second stage started as I recognized the hand of God throughout my life as I was aligning my own spirit with Gods Divine Universal Energy. The second stage involved exploring and deepening my connection with God. It made me realize that not only am I a part of the Divine Universal life energy, as is everyone else, but also how God is guiding and even shielding us from challenges which are not intended for our highest self, even when we do not see his plan or even acknowledge his existence! So this is another level of connecting which is also available to us which has the potential to elevate us to unseen heights while in this world.


Deze VLOG dient ter introductie van een serie van VLOGS welke ik zal hosten. Ze focussen zich op het voorzien van richtlijnen om jezelf in lijn te brengen met je levensdoel.

Er is een soort van nieuw tijdperk aangebroken, het is een tijdperk van verhoogde spiritualiteit en het verlangt van ons dat we onze bewustzijn verhogen!

Ik draag deze VLOG op aan hen die zich met hun eigen ziel wensen te verenigen zodat ze in staat worden gesteld om hun levensdoel te vervolgen. Het is ook bedoeld voor hen die klaar zijn om de volgende stap te zetten na de vereniging met hun ziel, namelijk zich te verenigen met God. Ik ben er namelijk achter gekomen dat, als je daarvoor kiest God met meer duidelijkheid met je kan communiceren en zaken aan je kan openbaren, bijvoorbeeld wat jouw doel is hier op aarde.

Mijn doel in deze is zoveel mogelijk mensen te helpen om op een praktische manier hun levensdoel te vervolgen. Dat verhoogt de positiviteit, gevoelens van geluk, compleetheid en verbondenheid om een aantal zaken te noemen en daarnaast biedt het ons veiligheid omdat ik heb gemerkt dat wanneer we ons niet verenigen met onze ziel een cruciaal deel van ons kwetsbaar is voor uitbuiting.

Enkele onderwerpen die aan bod zullen komen in de VLOGs:

1 – Wat zijn we?

2 – Het belang van de vrije wil

3 – Het verschil tussen negativiteit en duisternis

4 – Bewust worden

Terwijl ik mijn eigen pad bewandelde voor het vervolgen van mijn levensdoel, begon ik twee fasen te herkennen. De eerste fase had betrekking op het verbinden met mijn eigen ziel, de verbinding heb ik kunnen leggen door mijn bewustzijn te verhogen. De tweede fase kwam in beeld toen ik de hand van God terug zag door mijn gehele leven toen ik mijn eigen ziel in lijn bracht met Gods Universele energie. De tweede fase had betrekking op het verkennen en verdiepen van mijn connectie met God. Het liet me beseffen dat ik niet alleen een onderdeel ben van God zijn Universele levens energie (net zoals iedereen) maar dat God ons daadwerkelijk begeleidt en afschermt van situaties die niet bedoeld zijn voor ons hoogste zelf, zelfs als we zijn plan niet kennen of hem niet erkennen! Dit is een ander verbindingsniveau welke tot onze beschikking is gesteld en ons de mogelijkheid biedt ons te verheffen tot het hoogste niveau op deze aarde.

Virtues for your challenges

Today I realized how God not only unconditionally loves us but always has our back.

All virtues were given to us by our Heavenly Father.

With the word ‘virtue’ I am referring to something you gained in the sense of a ‘beneficial quality’ (source: one of the definitions of ‘Virtue’ found on the online dictionary at

When I thought of the virtues which were activated in my own situation, for instance the increase of my intuition, the ability to forgive, let go and rise above and overcome certain negativity, the ability to see the positive energy in negative events etc., it came to me that those virtues were nurtured by specific challenges.

When I say specific, I mean just that, it seems just as if God himself decided to filter the challenges which were intended for me, so that I only got those, which would trigger a corresponding virtue. I can state this because I am aware of other challenges intended for me which did not come to pass.

This made me feel extra happy because it means that even when we are unaware of it, life (God) is working on transforming us to be our best, highest and most happy selves, stimulating us on our path in life. I just needed to become fully conscious of this and the funny thing is when we serve him we serve ourselves and others v.v. And there is more, this is why we can feel save, he shields us from unnecessary harm which does not serve our highest purpose. So that we can choose to focus on fulfilling our life purpose.

All in all, gratitude is in place, that I and in fact we all may receive these virtues and not just receive them, but really experience them by applying them in our lives, that is if we want to. The choice is ours to make.

I hope to have inspired you so you can identify your virtues and use them to your benefit and that of others!

Remember why you are here!

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~ ~ ~

As you start your day, remember, all expressions of life as we know it here on earth, be it humans, animals, plants or microorganisms, they are ALL here, without exception, for a SHORT time, to EXPERIENCE A LIFE and make the absolute best of this opportunity, so see it as a gift if you will, be grateful and embrace your experience! It is our Divine Creator God and God alone who determines when a life is to start and when a life is to end. So when it is time for uncorrupted spirits to return to their home they will be all the better equipped to continue their divine tasks in this world, for which they were created while enjoying eternity in their home world made of solely light and love. Isn’t that beautiful!?

~ ~ ~

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