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In this Blog which might Vlog at times, I will focus on aspects of spiritual and personal development in order to retain focus on identifying and following one’s life’s purpose(s) and the fact that we do not have to walk it alone. It is about getting to know ourselves, through which we can understand ourselves, through which we can meaningfully connect with others, through which we can all grow in ways which adds value to life as a whole.

I learnt what you focus on manifests (Source: TheAwakenedState), so be aware of the actions and thoughts you focus on, as it is the energy of your true intentions behind them which you may turn into reality, not only for others but also for yourself! We and no one else but we ourselves are responsible for our actions and thoughts.

I believe my purpose is to support others when in need of support with actual focusing on positivity and to help drive positive transformations through awareness, the blog/vlog will be part of my support system. For now I choose to focus on transforming negative to positive energy andto reach out to others who share the same desire to support creating and sharing positive experiences.

About Me

Hi, I am Denise, I believe that each and everyone of us has a life purpose to fulfill which brings us one step closer to manifesting a more balanced life. Our life is our own and I believe it is our responsibility to make the utmost best of it!

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