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Some soul food – it’s Gods time now!

The power and softness of Divine Light. Copyright Denise Bruma

It’s not your time!

and it’s not my time either.

It’s Gods time!

A message from Divine Light -Copyright Denise Bruma

If you look ‘soft’ enough you will see Gods hand in your life. There are message going up and down from left to right, diagonal and in between.

Speak less, observe more to see more. Less is more!

Don’t forget, to nurture your connection with the Divine Energy of Life, you need to first nurture your connection with your own spirit mind and body.

Have a inspirational, soulful and enlightend day and start of the week.


Inspiration #1 – Be Happy, always!

Your viewpoint of everything changes when you continue to pursue a higher perspective of yourself and the events in your life.

View your life from the highest perspective to be Free and Happy!”

To further INSPIRE & MOTIVATE, it’s like Pharrel Williams says………….

Inspirational texts are texts which aim to inspire, motivate, enlighten, empower, guide and in essence supports the development of a soulful life, filled with purpose and enlightenment.

Divide and Conquer defined

A definition from Wiki:

“A strategy for achieving political or military control”

A definition from Merriam-Webster:

“To make a group of people disagree and fight with one another, so that they will not join together against one.

Allow it to sink in and become aware. Because when we are aware we will see the many forms in which this strategy is being deployed.

By solely focusing on the opposite actions this strategy can be side tracked.


-There is strength in Unity, find your unity in light

-Unity is based on, among other things relations which we already have, trust, love, compassion, reliability, common goals, etc. Reach out to each other and communicate for real with each other and leave no space for darkness to abuse.

Love & D-Light

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Meditation on root chakra

*Breathe in for 6 seconds (nose) and out 7 seconds (mouth).*

-My spirit is connected deep down in the earth

-I am nourished

-I am present on every level of my consciousness

-I am eternally save

-I am grounded

-I let go of every negativity, evil and darkness which is not intended for my highest self or which keeps me from pursuing my life purpose.

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Love & D-light

Erkenning discriminatie & racisme

Ik breng graag een nieuwtje van de afgelopen week extra onder de aandacht, namelijk dat discriminatie en racisme erkenning hebben gekregen binnen de politie in Nederland, daar hebben diverse mensen zich voor ingezet (ControleAltDelete, KRO-NCRV, CoBo, Maria Mok, Meral Uslu, deelnemers vakbonden en van de politie) en het is ze gelukt ook! Ik hoop dat dit een oplossing vormt voor hen die het nodig hebben. Zo zie je maar weer dat waar een wil is ook een weg wordt gevonden. Ik hoop dat deze gewaarwording het begin is van de erkenning van discriminatie en racisme in andere onderdelen van onze samenleving zodat we gezamelijk naar passende oplossingen kunnen blijven zoeken.

Ondanks dat ik blij ben dat er erkenning is voor discriminatie en racisme binnen de politie zijn we er (nog) niet.

Mijn eerste ervaring met discriminatie, (vanwege mijn ras) was toen ik 8 was, daarna volgden nog meer gebeurtenissen op de middelbare school, op het werk, alleen dacht ik vroeger dat het een enkeling betrof en met de gebeurtenissen van de afgelopen 13 jaar is het mij wel duidelijk geworden dat dit een veel grotere uitdaging betreft en er zelfs sprake is van institutionele discriminatie.

Helaas moet ik melden dat met wat ik heb meegemaakt en nog steeds mee maak ik me wel degelijk gediscrimineerd voel omdat ik met zekerheid weet te stellen dat ik anders wordt behandeld:

-Waarom kon de situatie waarbij ik vernielingen en overlast heb moeten verduren aan mijn eigen woning en waarvoor ik ook aangiften heb gedaan, niet worden opgelost? Deze situatie heeft geduurd vanaf zeker 2008 totdat ik het huis in 2019 had verkocht.

-Waarom kon er in de gemeente waarin ik mijn eigen woning had een false melding van hennepkwekerij op mijn naam geregistreerd worden en was deze false melding daarnaast nog gedeeld met andere instanties?

-Ik was getipt dat ik mogelijk op een zwarte lijst sta, waarom was het nodig mij op een zwarte lijst te zetten en dat ik tot en met in het buitenland moest merken dat ik plotseling van de ene dag op de andere, als een veroordeelde crimineel werd behandeld, zonder hierover geïnformeerd te worden!?

-Waarom moest de bank waar mijn hypotheek liep, bij het verkopen van de woning (1) buiten de notaris om gelden terugvorderen!? En (2) was niet alleen de hypothecaire lening niet afgemeld maar was ook een achterstand die jaren te voren was ingelopen (2017) ook niet afgemeld (in 2020)!?

-Waarom is het nodig dat mensen worden aangestuurd in de plaats waar ik nu woon om mij te terroriseren (zo voel ik me ook echt!), door onrechtmatig onze woning binnen te treden, ons te stalken, onze rust te verstoren, vernielingen te plegen aan onze eigendommen, zelfs aan de woning die we huren, onze privacy dusdanig te verstoren dat we niet normaal gebruik kunnen maken van onze eigen internet faciliteiten en met anderen kunnen communiceren of laat staan te werken en ons te ontnemen van onze basale mensen rechten. Onze privacy die dagelijks wordt geschonden door gespreken af te luisteren, in te breken op apparaten (mobiel, computer). Van de meldingen die zijn gedaan en de pogingen daarvan aangifte te doen, is uiteindelijk niets gekomen. Waarom kan deze situatie gewoon continueren ondanks de meldingen die ik heb gedaan?

Dat discriminatie en racisme in Nederland voorkomen is voor mij een feit, het komt in vele landen over de wereld voor daarin is Nederland niet uniek. Het wordt problematisch als we het niet onderkennen en doen alsof het er niet is, terwijl het een giftige werking heeft en daardoor de potentie heeft om heel veel schade aan te richten aan onze samenleving en de onderlinge verstandhoudingen daarin en dat is niet alleen verschrikkelijk zonde maar ook volkomen onnodig denk ik. Daarnaast heeft het ook zijn weerslag op hoe Nederlanders buiten Nederland worden gezien.

Tijd om hier bewust van te worden en naar dat bewustzijn te acteren.

Shining the light of awareness on Mental Health & Accountability

Return to divine light & RIP

Dear friends of the light,

I would like to offer my deepest sympathy to the families who lost loved ones in both the Buffalo & Texas shootings.

My heart and thoughts go out to you as you deal with this unbelievable reality. May all victims return to the light and R.I.P.!

My heart is broken, I feel sad and disappointed when I look at the world we created, while we can create anything that we want!

The darkness surrounding these recent events are predominantly irresponsibility, unaccountability and mental & spiritual instability and there is a lot of blocking energy and many others in the background. I believe it is imperative to understand that the space for this darkness is created by a lack of sufficient attention to these energies. This seems to be happening on a wider scale. We really need to be(come) aware of this and actively deal with it.

In support of those who now are dealing with their loss, if you feel broken, lost or insecure etc. remember when you can no longer find answers in this world, there is another place where you can and that is in your spirit & your spirituality which is connected to the Universal light of of life. This is the time to embrace your spirit and let it lead you to Divine light to find support, love, safety, strength, healing and all other things you cannot find in this world.

May God extend Mercy and Grace upon you all so that you may heal and overcome this challenge and each and every challenge yet to come in your life.

Love & D-Light

Unity in light in support of Freedom and Peace

I am trying to upload a video which will not upload. So for now instead of the VLOG I will share a BLOG.

While our perceptions of freedom and peace can greatly differ, I agree to disagree (as an uncle of mine likes to say) as I express my support to freedom and peace and the desire for the war in Ukraine to come to an end. It is heartaching and sad to see the impact on elderly people, women with children, no home, in constant fear, no running water, no toilets, all the death and destruction, each time I see images, it just does not feel right. It’s just not right!

This war is more than just a territorial armed conflict, it is also a battle between divine light and darkness. I am actually starting to wonder which war is not? This is the trick with darkness the manipulating of people to do bad things making them accountable for what they have done and if they do not make amends, well I guess you can probably guess what happens with their souls……

However the war forms a threat to our humanity and our transformation to a life based in light and we run the risk of being pulled back into great darkness.

Many innocent lives were lost and still are lost day by day, I am confident those souls are welcomed back in Heaven, however their violent and destructive deaths led to much unnecessary pain and suffering to the people they left behind, adding to the increase of darkness.

So from the perspective of my own light I request the offenders to stop the fighting and to seek the solution to this conflict within divine light because it is only there that an unlimited amount of solutions and resources are readily available which ultimately can fulfill all needs.

This unity for freedom and peace gives us all a real chance to re-evaluate our core values and re-define those values to be based in divine light, as we re-connect, re-unite and forge new connections all over the world from a place of authenticity, authentic compassion, authentic caring, authentic thriving which leads to authentic prosperity for all.

This is our chance to look at each other from the highest perspective, through Gods eyes.

Love & D-Light

Liberation day – May 5th 2022

Wishing everyone over the whole world love and peace on this day and each and every one that follows!

love yourself and each other and continue to strive for harmony, we can do this!

Artist: Labi Siffre

Song: Something inside so strong

Courtesy of BuddahBaybii from Youtube

Love & D-Light

A special welcome to new friends of divine light

It’s by the grace of God, that one day miracles shall happen in your life – be grateful and thankful always!

With Love & D-Light

Happy Easter

A time to remember that unconditional love exists, that we make sacrifices for each other, that experiencing love is the red thread, the essence of our lives.

mountains with crepuscular ray
Photo by Min An on

I believe there is a God who created everything, whether it’s an ancient life force from another universe who knows and it doesn’t matter to me. I also believe we all are made of our creator, so we all are connected with each other and God (which I believe is the divine light of life). As God’s children I also believe that we can commune with God but somehow some of us are more sensitive to God’s divine light and thus life (prophets) and others much less. As a result over the whole world you will find prophets. Know that God does not discriminate, God loves all creations of the light, not one prophet, being or or thing is better than the other, everything just has it’s own purpose.

God wants us to unite and stop being divided – all differences are intended to support the continuing expanse and evolution of life and not to limit it!

I have been baptized as a Christian, so this time which used to be focused around chocolate egg and flowers and “hot cross bun” are now more focused on the deeper meaning of the sacrifice Jezus made and that he really believed he could bring justice, healing and save mankind. Could you imagine that someone who doesn’t know you loves you so much, that when they foresee you are running into a wall (even as a nation) with high speed they try to stop you or make you change direction just to prevent you from hitting that wall!? Just because they believe in you, that you should not be harmed, that you should not have to suffer that you can be saved? Jezus’ sacrifice and his ressurection, for me is about God doing what needs to be done, to ensure the continuation of life. When the continuation of life is threatened enough, changes will be made to ensure Gods divine life continues.

This is not about race, color or origin, those are mental concepts which I believe do not have any validity in God’s eye! We were all created to be equal!

yellow orange flowers in bloom
Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on

So I humbly see and acknowledge that God is great, God is justice, God is peace, God is love, God is eternal Life. I give thanks and glory to God, for creating Life, that I may experience other life forces on so many levels and by being part of life also have a purpose in it.

I also humbly give thanks to Jezus for his sacrifice for mankind and the continuation of life, thank you for showing us what it means to love unconditionally.

I also would like to thank, give love and gratitude to all beings (ArchAngels, Angels, Guides) of divine light and prophets operating solely from divine light, who support the manifestation of God’s divine light on earth and continue to enlighten me. My love for you is profound and eternal.

May you feel inspired to rekindle your connection with life and God and May God bless us all!

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