Awareness is key

This is me surrendering to my urge, to mentally process and describe spiritual transformation processes I am going through in order to increase understanding, learning and growth with myself and others. In order to fulfill our life purpose(s) we need to understand what our life purpose is and in order to understand our life purpose(s) we need to understand ourselves.

Awareness is the key to not only understanding ourselves but to understanding everything around us and stimulates states and feelings of clarity, interconnectedness and allows us to grow in a way that adds value to our own lives and that of others.

When I started practicing awareness, I started by silencing my mind and observing what I noticed. At first I started to notice that I was drawn back to thinking quite often and I had to intentionally take the focus off of my mind (by thinking, stop thinking). After doing that quite often I also became more aware of my feelings, emotionally and physically, it would be like I had more information over myself and it felt good. I would notice things, like physical discomfort which I before I would ignore and now I would more intuitively know what to do with it and/or what the reason was. The same happened with with my surroundings, I would notice more and get a much better understanding of my surroundings, from close and far! This was very enlightening and worth further pursuit. Now I practice being (aware) everyday as often as I can, I believe it gives me valuable insights, into myself and into other people and situations, next to clarity these insights then give me alternatives to deal with the situations and interactions with others and last but not least it motivates self reflection which allows me to learn more about myself.

It is at one point during my “awakening process” that I noticed that I had questions, I was noticing (or becoming aware) of things which I did not understand. I did research and it lead me to an awakening process and awareness.

Tell me your experiences, what lead you to awareness? How did you first notice your awareness was increasing? Does it add value to your life currently and if so how? Are there other items than the once mentioned above noticed from practicing awareness?