Some soul food – it’s Gods time now!

It’s not your time! and it’s not my time either. It’s Gods time! If you look ‘soft’ enough you will see Gods hand in your life. There are message going up and down from left to right, diagonal and in between. Speak less, observe more to see more. Less is more! Don’t forget, to nurture your connection with the Divine Energy of Life, you need to first nurture your connection with your own spirit mind and body. Have a inspirational, soulful and enlightend day and start of the week. D-light

Divide and Conquer defined

A definition from Wiki: “A strategy for achieving political or military control” A definition from Merriam-Webster: “To make a group of people disagree and fight with one another, so that they will not join together against one. Allow it to sink in and become aware. Because when we are aware we will see the many forms in which this strategy is being deployed. By solely focusing on the opposite actions this strategy can be side tracked. Remember: -There is strength in Unity, find your unity in light -Unity is based on, among… Read More

Liberation day – May 5th 2022

Wishing everyone over the whole world love and peace on this day and each and every one that follows! love yourself and each other and continue to strive for harmony, we can do this! Artist: Labi Siffre Song: Something inside so strong Love & D-Light

Happy Womensday to all beautiful sisters all over the world!

You are cornerstones of life and pillars of wisdom. You are an expression of beauty and love. Without you life would not be. Keep shinning your light and be all that some can’t even see. Wishing you all love, peace & happiness! That you may feel loved, supported, valued and much more

Mantra – Inviting Light, Love & Positivity

According to Oxford Languages a mantra originates in Hinduism and Buddhism and is a word or sound repeated to aid concentration and/or a statement or slogan repeated frequently. In other words it helps to increase focus. Having focus is important to achieve positive growth in any area of your life. I am aware of Mantra’s being used in support of our main chakra’s. For instance to chant Ohm, Lam in support of our chakra’s etc. I felt inspired to create my own, Light, Love & Positivity in which the intent IS to… Read More

I need to speak my mind

I need to air my “brain-container” by speaking my mind, or I feel I might get blind, or I even might get deaf, or even speak less, if I can’t get this mess off my chest, Release the energy with zest, so I can finally give the “brain-container” some rest.

Awareness of thought

Food for thought What I have learnt in my life is that life has purpose resulting in things having value as they more or less contribute to life’s purposes. Just simply living and doing isn’t enough since we seem to also be beings of purpose and value to life, we have our own little purpose(s) in life. When we life with intent (the intentions geared solely to fulfill our purpose(s)) based on our highest possible self, we may add the value life is requesting us to add to life. Darkness uses different… Read More

Awareness of emotions

When you start being aware of your emotions, you start to notice feelings which arise in you. Our emotions can be used to lift us and connect us with universal energy and each other, which could in turn make us feel bliss. However they can also be used to bring darkness in our lives. In general it is said that feelings follow thought, I have experienced this to be true for the feelings which truly originate from me myself. However not all feelings have their true origin from within me. I have… Read More

Aware of letting go

Freedom of expression As I let go, I feel flow Going straight to my head Releasing what has was said and thought from my mouth to my head Going back all the way down, where my feet meet the ground Oh what a wonderful feeling, oh what a wonderful day Wish it would stay forever this way Sending it your way, to share it and hope that you might come to the same point and say “I feel flow, as I let go…………………………..”