Spotlight – Outcry the Story of Greg Kelley

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Last weekend I saw the story of Greg Kelley in the documentary Outcry. A young man wrongfully accussed and wrongfully punished.

It was hard at times to watch this being in a similar position. Instead of putting me & my family in prison, they have built a prison around us, by hijacking everything in our lives in such a way that we have been relieved of our liberties.

God is mighty! God is great! And God is justice!

I still can’t wrap my mind around how people can just willfully choose to destroy someones (in this case a young man’s) life?

I was realy happy to see how Greg maintained faith in God, faith in himself, determination and strength and overcame darkness, assisted by others led by Gods justice!

This led to new and proper investigations which proved Greg was innocent, which in turn was acknowledged in a legal court and resulted in Greg being exonerated!

Even I felt a weight shift, for all wrongfully accused this is the bare minum that should be done.

It stenghtens my faith that there are people who believe in justice & that Gods presence is among us and that either way balance will be restored!

It also illustrates how we can manifest Gods justice in this world, simply by speaking & acting from a place of justice and in that way restore balance.

I wish Greg and his family and friends a Happy new life! And all wrongfully accussed I wish your situation gets balanced out asap!

Dear God, continue to grace us all with your presence and allow us to reflect your beatiful light to balance out injustice everywhere it’s needed! Amen!

Take care!