VLOG on Injustice

injustice is being elevated to the norm by the greedy, the needy, the angry and those mentally weak.

We all have been given more than enough qualities and competences to advance ourselves and grow on our own strength in our chosen direction, instead of pretending to grow by cutting others short so it seems we have grown or by talking others down or otherwise undermining them.

When facing injustice remember we have the right to stand up for ourselves, it’s just how we do it, meaning where we are coming from energy wise, which will determine the outcome and remember that when you practice injustice and you do others wrong without correcting it, you are building negative karmatic energy which will come back to haunt you!

I will never understand how people can suddenly turn and become someone’s enemy. We are not each others enemy we are not each others adversary! We are more each other’s example, each others mirror, each others inspiration, each others fascination! It is through each other that we get a glimpse of the vastness of the diversity of life.

Fight the darkness – Celebrate the light!