The Take Over

red and orange fire
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I would like to share with you insights on the ‘take over’ which I perceive is going on at this moment.

There’s a VLOG which can’t be uploaded at this moment, so I will share it through a BLOG.

I would also like to emphasize the importance of discerning between influences from darkness versus those from the light, so that you can separate yourself from influences from darkness for which social media platforms are also used. There are people connecting with the intention to send darkness your way!

The take over as I call it, is nothing less than a hostile mass invasion of darkness on each and every level of our existence. A whitch hunt but this time the hunters are the whitches and their allies in darkness.

To me it seems like darkness is tired of its dimension of hell and seeks to expand hell on earth, and they are well on their way.

Some time ago I shared a dream about shiny objects falling on me and everyone in the dream and the shiny things fell through my skin & body and they were everywhere.

I believe this happend and is in effect at the moment in the form of what I call the take over.

This take over aims to overtake each and every individuals mind and body.

It is our holy trinity which makes us complete within the light. Meaning it is our body, mind and spirit which makes us complete as we are meant to be here on earth and which also enables us to pursue and fulfill our life purpose.

Without our holy trinity we are incomplete and very vulnerable!

Our mind is a powerful tool for manifestations. When our body and mind are combined they can create almost anything here on earth.

I believe the take over is geared towards replacing the basis of our perception, which are rooted in through light from light to dark, allowing darkness to manifest whatever it wants on earth.

This is how, up is becoming down, wrong is becoming wright, good is becoming bad and lies are becoming the truth v.v.

My answer to this development is to reclaim your light!

I reclaim my light!

I reclaim my light!

You have no power over me!

You have no power over me!