Unity in light in support of Freedom and Peace

I am trying to upload a video which will not upload. So for now instead of the VLOG I will share a BLOG.

While our perceptions of freedom and peace can greatly differ, I agree to disagree (as an uncle of mine likes to say) as I express my support to freedom and peace and the desire for the war in Ukraine to come to an end. It is heartaching and sad to see the impact on elderly people, women with children, no home, in constant fear, no running water, no toilets, all the death and destruction, each time I see images, it just does not feel right. It’s just not right!

This war is more than just a territorial armed conflict, it is also a battle between divine light and darkness. I am actually starting to wonder which war is not? This is the trick with darkness the manipulating of people to do bad things making them accountable for what they have done and if they do not make amends, well I guess you can probably guess what happens with their souls……

However the war forms a threat to our humanity and our transformation to a life based in light and we run the risk of being pulled back into great darkness.

Many innocent lives were lost and still are lost day by day, I am confident those souls are welcomed back in Heaven, however their violent and destructive deaths led to much unnecessary pain and suffering to the people they left behind, adding to the increase of darkness.

So from the perspective of my own light I request the offenders to stop the fighting and to seek the solution to this conflict within divine light because it is only there that an unlimited amount of solutions and resources are readily available which ultimately can fulfill all needs.

This unity for freedom and peace gives us all a real chance to re-evaluate our core values and re-define those values to be based in divine light, as we re-connect, re-unite and forge new connections all over the world from a place of authenticity, authentic compassion, authentic caring, authentic thriving which leads to authentic prosperity for all.

This is our chance to look at each other from the highest perspective, through Gods eyes.

Love & D-Light

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