Happy Easter

A time to remember that unconditional love exists, that we make sacrifices for each other, that experiencing love is the red thread, the essence of our lives.

mountains with crepuscular ray
Photo by Min An on Pexels.com

I believe there is a God who created everything, whether it’s an ancient life force from another universe who knows and it doesn’t matter to me. I also believe we all are made of our creator, so we all are connected with each other and God (which I believe is the divine light of life). As God’s children I also believe that we can commune with God but somehow some of us are more sensitive to God’s divine light and thus life (prophets) and others much less. As a result over the whole world you will find prophets. Know that God does not discriminate, God loves all creations of the light, not one prophet, being or or thing is better than the other, everything just has it’s own purpose.

God wants us to unite and stop being divided – all differences are intended to support the continuing expanse and evolution of life and not to limit it!

I have been baptized as a Christian, so this time which used to be focused around chocolate egg and flowers and “hot cross bun” are now more focused on the deeper meaning of the sacrifice Jezus made and that he really believed he could bring justice, healing and save mankind. Could you imagine that someone who doesn’t know you loves you so much, that when they foresee you are running into a wall (even as a nation) with high speed they try to stop you or make you change direction just to prevent you from hitting that wall!? Just because they believe in you, that you should not be harmed, that you should not have to suffer that you can be saved? Jezus’ sacrifice and his ressurection, for me is about God doing what needs to be done, to ensure the continuation of life. When the continuation of life is threatened enough, changes will be made to ensure Gods divine life continues.

This is not about race, color or origin, those are mental concepts which I believe do not have any validity in God’s eye! We were all created to be equal!

yellow orange flowers in bloom
Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on Pexels.com

So I humbly see and acknowledge that God is great, God is justice, God is peace, God is love, God is eternal Life. I give thanks and glory to God, for creating Life, that I may experience other life forces on so many levels and by being part of life also have a purpose in it.

I also humbly give thanks to Jezus for his sacrifice for mankind and the continuation of life, thank you for showing us what it means to love unconditionally.

I also would like to thank, give love and gratitude to all beings (ArchAngels, Angels, Guides) of divine light and prophets operating solely from divine light, who support the manifestation of God’s divine light on earth and continue to enlighten me. My love for you is profound and eternal.

May you feel inspired to rekindle your connection with life and God and May God bless us all!