Unacceptable behavior – Coming out

Good Friday – All that has begun now comes to an end

I have decided to share with you the experiences I have encountered with extreme behavior from approximately 2008 until now.

I am sharing it because it is time for it to come out and it is time that it stops. All negativity which once began stops now. I would like to bring this to people’s awareness in the hope that this information will help others who have to deal with these types of situations.

The items I would like to bring to your attention are about experiencing oppression, being terrorized, being intimidated, scammed etc. All completely unnecessary in my opinion.

-After I bought my own house in 2004, from 2008 onward, I experienced vandalism. After this started to get out of hand, I took it to the police, but this did not yield any results.

-It was around 2013 that I first noticed being followed when I was driving to work.

-I went abroad in 2014 where I eventually lived and worked for 5 years, at the end of which I decided to return to the Netherlands.

-After returning to NL it turned out:

-Before returning, I sold my house (Apr 2019). A few weeks after the deed was passed, funds were reclaimed by the bank. They threatened not to close off the mortgage loan if I did not return the reclaimed funds. So I paid back the reclaimed funds only to find out later that the mortgage loan was not closed off after all (Aug 2020).

-When I returned (December 2019) I could not find a home and could not register in the BRP. I finally found a home in Aug 2020. I couldn’t find a job at all at first. I eventually found an assignment in Belgium for 6 months, which stopped after that period. I applied for unemployment benefits in NL. I had built up social security rights for about 24 years, because of my departure there was an interruption in the buildup of social security rights. However because I could not register before August, I could no longer claim the years requirement that applied to WW. Only the week’s requirement, so I expected to earn 75% of my last earned income at least for the duration of 3 months. What I received was 12.5% ​​the first month, 24% the second month and 29% the third month. After starting out on a new job after 3 months, I was paid another 5.8% of the gross monthly salary I had made before. So while I built up social security for 24 years, now that I needed them, I apparently had no rights to fully make use of them. Where is the equality and justice in this?

-In 2020 I saw a news report about the “Toeslag Affaire” (income supplements provided by the tax authority) and the illegal fraud system maintained by the Tax Authorities. It shocked me! I’ve never applied or received those supplements but yet I did recognize how people were treated in the situations I encountered! I decide to find out if I was registered in the system.

-I Contacted RTL Nieuws, to no avail.

-I Contacted the tax authorities, to no avail.

-I decide to request my details from almost every government agency and institution, etc. with which I had anything to do with. It is through that, I found out in 2021 that the municipality where I had lived before, had registered in my name that there was a cannabis farm at my address. The data had been shared with several authorities of justice and police, etc. When asked what they had found and why the registration was there? They replied, no cannabis farm had been found, it was not clear why they had not correctly disposed of the report, but they did apologize. The fact that this way of working has had serious consequences for me and my family has been dismissed as they are not aware of any consequences. End of story for them.

-It is at this time that by requesting my details from the BKR, I find out that the mortgage was not closed off. It is important to keep a close eye on your BKR registrations and to assess whether they are correct or not.

-I was alerted by a legal counselor of the possibility of being placed on blacklist(s) without my knowledge.

-It is at this time that I tried to find the emails of the notary related to the sale of my sister’s house (see also below the experiences of my sister) and I no longer seemed to have access to my mailbox. I couldn’t even reset my password! I found it strange. I also decided to call the Dutch Data Protection Authority, is this all possible? I received advice, this is indeed not allowed under privacy legislation. I was even notified that it seemed my mailbox had been hacked. The blacklists are also subject to restrictions, for those I would have to ask various parties for insight into my data in order to find out whether I they placed me on a list. Because you do not know which lists you are on, it isn’t easy to find out which organizations you should make a request for insight in your data AND if your data has been fraudulently acquired by an organization / institution, don’t expect that they will confirm that they have stored and are processing your data and exchanging it with other parties!

-The rental house I found, brought old and new challenges, causing it to be hardly livable.

-It started with being stalked, when going out by foot or car it didn’t matter. Tried to report this at the authorities but was unable to get a reported drafted.

-This escalated to experiencing confrontations, intimidations each and every time I went and go out to walk my dogs. One of the dogs was even injured while in our own yard.

-This escalated further to unknowns entering the garden, damaging items. Reported this. To no avail.

-This escalated further when I noticed that people were accessing my house with a key! I monitored it and tried to report trespassing. Didn’t lead to anything either.

-This escalated further when our basic human rights to privacy were further violated, by noticing that every communication is tapped and for what? What justifies these continuing intrusions, what right do they have!? Also the operation of every means of communication (cell phones, computers) is being disrupted. Normal conversations between my family members are being monitored for years and disturbed. Filing my tax just a couple weeks ago, disrupted it took me hours. Maintaining my Blog/Vlog is being disrupted. Even working from home is being disrupted.

-My sister has a son and lived in her own home, she experienced intimidation and oppression when a conflict over injuries her child sustained at school ended in intimidation concerning removing the child from her care, which eventually actually was initiated and she was forced to sell her home on a voluntarily basis (why not execution?). She refused and was encouraged to find a third party from the family or friends who would then pass the deed for her at the notary. She asked me, I thought it was an odd request, I only was aware of foreclosure sales for which the bank has the power to repossess a house and sell it without further consent necessary from the mortgage holder. I did it nonetheless because at that time I believed it was legal. My sister felt so pressured that she fled with her child.

I also discussed the entire event with the “College for Human Rights”, who also claimed they could do little besides registering the reported events.

I decided to address the Central Government with a letter to all party leaders. I received a response from one of the parties, which came down to the party only being able to address the events if they are occurring on a wider scale involving more people than one.

These experiences are intense and have had a lot of impact on me and everyone in my family and immediate environment. If you are experiencing anything like this and would like to exchange and discuss views for dealing with this kind of events you can send me a message.

As I write this I can say that I forgive my offenders but I certainly will never forget this! We need to start living with each other instead of at each other expense.

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  1. Thanks for your time also fortitude exercised to attempt to make others aware of despicable behavior.