To Freedom, Peace and understanding

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In the past few weeks the light of awareness shined on different forms of oppression currently going on. For instance, I am being blocked from accessing my own website for which I pay the hosting! The nerve that people can have! Do not touch what is not yours. If you don’t like my Blog, please stop reading, right now! There are many blogs out there I am sure you will find one which suits you (@those TRYING to block me)! But God says you shall prevail and I do!

I believe it’s safe to say that no one wants their human rights to be violated, no one wants their family to be torn apart or their home taken from them or be confronted with any other violent, aggresive behavior or even left to die.

There will always be different opinions and even conflicts but they will never be solved by acts of violence, aggression and oppression. They offer temporary solutions while inhibiting bigger problems which are just shifted forward in time, perhaps for someone else to solve who knows. While answers or solutions might not be clear at first, one thing is for me and that is that lasting solutions which benefit all involved, have the potential to solve all issues and are based on common ground and the essence of life (cooperation, peace, kindness etcetera.) They involve changes in actions, referring to adopting different behavior, i.e. behaving oppresive will never lead to a life of peace and harmony it only leads to conflict and aggression.

Empower freedom

Empower every thought, action and emotion which supports and enables overcoming oppression. For instance seeing and accepting each other as equal. Claim your space to live and develop your life. Actively choose for harmony.

Look out for each other instead of down on one another.

When you choose to live in freedom with your mind, heart and actions, then you are free!

Empower your human rights

empower every thought, emotion and action which support human rights.

For instance, your right to live in peace. Provide for yourself and family etcetera. I believe it is through working on our human rights that we can develop more understanding for each other.

Human rights are here to stay! Be aware of them each and every day!

Also be aware of the animal rights and the environmental ones too, which are co-shared between the earth and us humans too.

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May God bless all of us and keep us safe!

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