Step 3 – Live a ‘Soulful’ life

A tribute to “Little Rayan”

I believe that living a happy and connected life involves embracing your own spirit to the point where your existence both bodily as well as mentally are infused with your spirit. I believe that point to be a soulful way of living. I believe the soul is the integration of our spirit in the real world in our lives. A soulful life would be a life governed by our own spirit in which we experience a life based on the principles of light. I believe a soulless life to be a life in which anything but our spirit governs our life.

I have decided that I will dedicate the rest of this blog to Rayan, the 5 y.o.  little boy who was trapped in the well. I am having a hard time believing he did not make it, I thought he would, I believed he would! We prayed for him, silently in the background. It was hard to hear and more so to watch his parents deal with the message that he did not make it. Despite all the hopes, prayers, tears and incredible work… , his family, the rescue-workers, all the people who gathered, all those whose thoughts and hearts are with them. I feel it for them. How could you not first feel the hope and then later the pain and disbelieve? An innocent little boy….

I looked at his pictures of Rayan and I saw innocence. It’s God who decides in the end as you know. I guess maybe we are being reminded of that as well. Our innocence is dying …..  What more do you see? I saw the unity of the people gathered on the ground to support his parents and family. I see the unity from all over the world, as people join to pray for him and extend their hearts and thoughts to his family. Little Rayan enabled us to be connected from a place of shared feelings of hope, compassion all feelings which come from light and love! Thank you little Rayan for this gift, for reminding us!

We can be united and we are as one if we chose to be and all that through our soul extending and sharing feelings of love to overcome feelings of pain or other feelings of darkness. It’s remarkable to to see.

May his parents find some comfort in the thought that Rayan returned to the light under guidance and was not alone. He now is eternally safe at Gods side where he awaits to be reunited with them once again.

Allah yebarek fek / May God bless your entire family and bring much needed comfort and peace to their lives.

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