Step 2 – Activate your spirit by learning about who you really are

When you remove the ‘not-you’, what remains is the ‘you’.

Do you know who you are? I am not talking about the mental projection of yourself, meaning who you think you are based on your beliefs a.k.a. your personality.

But do you know who you are deep down, way past your personality and beyond your beliefs?

Who I think I am

I believe that most of us are stuck at the mental projection of who we think we are and describe the part of our personality which we are conscious of as our entire selves. I am this or I am that. “I am a parent”, “I am a manager” etc.

A personality test could be a way to identify personality traits and abilities but also natural abilities which lay beyond the personality and offer another dimension to experience ourselves. Are you O-K not using your natural abilities or are you missing one or more of them in your life? Exploring and examining your personality can give you insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your personality. Our personality is a part of who we are, it serves a purpose. It tried and still tries  to help us by making (relative) sense of our world so we could and still can survive, it is based on our senses and what they can perceive and many more filters, giving us a functional but incomplete and thus limited support (belief)system. In a way I see our ego as a ‘backup’ system, which can be used when the main system cannot function. Governing our lives by our ego feels like being governed by a backup system. Our mind is beautiful and unlimited, but I am not that sure our ego which is a part of it, should be governing our entire lives. Many big and small mistakes come from “blindly” following belief systems without verifying or checking adequately whether something holds true. If you are not aware when you are operating from your belief system AND you do not verify what you believe before you act or even speak, the consequences could be quite grave to say the least!

The more I learnt and understood about myself the more I could also distinguish traits of me which left me vulnerable and were being exploited. For me it was important to mediate and silence my mind. Let thoughts come up, but do not necessarily identify with a thought. Who says the thought is yours!?

This I did in the first place to remove my ego from the position of “ruler of my life” and in the second place to better monitor and control thoughts to prevent those which are not mine to enter my system and if they do enter that they are noticed, so I can deal with them. So it is important to know who you think you are and verify if it is true and if not adjust, guard and protect, get rid of everything which isn’t you! Leave nothing for darkness to get a hold on you, to distract you with or mislead you or derail you in any other way.

Who I feel I am

Some of us might also or maybe even more so identify themselves by how they feel. How do you feel? And how important is how you feel?

Feelings can be your own, but feelings can also be sent to you in such a way that you believe that they are your own. Your feelings could even be wrong as they are also interact with your belief system. How would you feel if you would adjust to every emotion triggered in you? Would you want to respond to everything? Do you have to respond to everything or anything at all?

Here again our free will allows us to decide whether we identify with feelings or not, we can choose to (temporary or permanently) dis-identify. I am not talking about blocking feelings! Once a feeling is triggered in you, it is triggered, if you block it you run the risk of creating more issues within yourself, however it is your choice whether you allow it to be fully integrated on every level of consciousness in your existence, the point where you proclaim you are your emotion is the point of full integration. “I am scared”, “ I am thrilled”, “I am”.

Who I am

I also started to notice how I would feel conflicted over some thoughts. I started to examine these conflicts and it lead me to an inner part of my being. It was not from my mind, I learnt there was another dimension to my existence, it was my intuition which was on the rise. Being conscious of something is something completely different as using something unconsciously! As I consciously choose to follow my intuition, it scared me at first, I found out that my intuition was right. Each and every time I followed my intuition it was right and when I did not I came to regret it!

I started to understand what the conflicts meant, the things made me aware of, better choices I have. It made me distinguish between my intuition and my personality. The guidance our intuition gives us, is exactly what we need as a whole and not only for us individually but it aligns us with everyone and everything else around us in our lives. It seemed my intuition lead me to my higher self, my intuition and my higher self they seem to be one.

This is the place, the crossroad where we experience our connections with others through our connection with Divine light. There is always some part of us connected with Divine light, some of us just the bare minimum and others are completely connected. It is this highest form of ourselves which we need to accept as the ruler of our mind and body, so that we may experience being complete and being safe and be able to experience being reconnected with everyone in our environment in this life. As you start to learn and understand what you are made of it will allow you to protect yourself by being able to identify your vulnerabilities and will allow you to better understand what others are made of as well, since we are all made equal and alike.

These insights into yourself will give you real points to connect in a meaningful way which supports both your individual as well as collective growth and development.