How to beat darkness & the dream

I am continuing just a little longer on “step 1 – Stand your ground – Break the stronghold on your spirit, mind and body.” Because this is a very profound step, just like anything else you would stand for, you can only stand for something which you believe in.

Perhaps you read the prayer to Archangel Michaels and perhaps you even observed changes in your emotional body and/or your mind and/or even your spirit coming through more clearly.

If this is the case you may be starting to experience separation of parts of yourself which are not of yourself! Meaning you are becoming more aware again of who you really are and who you are not! Are you still following this? During our life we might pick up darkness here or there, this is not a part of us, but can attach to us in ways mimicking us, presenting to us the illusion that the thoughts, emotions and/or actions are a part of us while they are not!

So why is it important to know yourself? Who you are in spirit, mind and body? Why isn’t it enough just to know your ego, your mental perception of yourself? Because darkness can infiltrate our mind, body and/or spirit and ultimately change our belief system. If you are at least aware of that, you can use the power of your free will to stop that infiltration!

This is a power to remember as well your own free will. You determine what you allow to enter your spirit, mind and body, mean it and speak it out loud!

Protect your spirit, mind and body by shielding them from darkness and exposing them as often and much as possible to Divine light!

There are more things you can do but the objective of the first step is to break the hold darkness has on your life and to keep that hold from being re-established!

Each time you break, rebuke, deflect, deny, transform or refuse darkness you deny or break a stronghold. Everything you do from the light and to increase the light, diminishes darkness!

You will have to find out who you are in the light and hold on to (experience and be) that (highest) version of yourself and believe in yourself! For those believing in God, also have faith in Gods way of working and remain in connection with Gods divine light, it has more powerful options to keep darkness at bay.

The second reason I am continuing the spiritual warfare step 1 in this Blog is because I believe there is darkness linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, especially concerning the mental impact it is having, I am experiencing a lot of mentally disturbed behavior! Although I am not all that sure if that behavior was solely triggered by Covid! Next to that the ramifications it has on our freedom among other things! I also came to believe it is time to share a dream with you which I believe is also correlated to the Covid-19 pandemic and the impact which this entire event had, has and will have on our lives. The virus not only is putting strongholds on our lives but holds a promise to change us in a profound manner, the question is to darkness or light!?

It was in 2005 when I dreamt I was standing somewhere outside, there were other people standing scattered around me. I saw a huge object resembling a balloon over our heads, it seemed to be growing but also moving like it was on the brink of bursting. I kept on watching what would happen and it did burst! After that something started to pour down everywhere and on everyone, I first thought it was water. I watched how it fell on my left arm however unlike water it did not roll off my arm but it fell straight through my arm and everyone else! Whatever it was feel straight through me to the core of my very existence! And I woke up, I can still remember it as clear as daylight.

After that I started to feel that something was absolutely off and not right! This feeling kept increasing in intensity for years and I just did not understand what it related to, it started to decrease but it still resurfaces every now and then. Unfortunately I cannot relay more details of this threat other than being alerted to something which can enter the (everyone’s) body and change someone on a profound level. However I am alerted and would love to find out what it is that causes the threat!

Change in itself is not bad, it is who we are, it justifies our existence but the energy behind could be!

When I look at what’s happening now, I see more people being divided than united, I see more loss than prosper, allowing even more freedom to those who can afford to steal freedom and even more deprivation to those who always stand to lose. All situations which do not favor restoring justice in this world. If we ever wanted to see any change in this world we will all have to choose to change now!

Crossing back over to step 2 – Activate your light. In my next Blog I will look at ways to activate your own light. One which basically works was meditating and balancing the 7 main chakra’s or any activity which raises your spirit! More in the next Blog.

May God Bless us all!

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