2022 – Re-focus on “Overcoming spiritual warfare & Living in freedom”

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You know we were born free – it is our birth right to live in freedom, it is time we remember that especially in this time of heightened spiritual warfare!

I am starting off 2022 with focusing on paving a practical road to solutions for spiritual impediments, there is absolutely nothing which we cannot overcome with the proper focus!

Are you experiencing extreme or unusual situations, like strange thoughts popping up in your head it could be songs, it could be images of people you haven’t thought about in ages, or perhaps even dreams which seem odd, or even experiencing memory lapses of something someone claims you have done or you have experienced, (sudden unexplained) bad health, (sudden unexplained) series of bad luck, heaviness in your life in general or when you think of doing something productive, are you feeling distracted – finding it hard to focus, or are you feeling disturbed in some way during the daytime and/or the night, are you experiencing down outright hostility, negativity and toxic behavior against you? Or other things which just don’t feel and/or seem right according to your entire system. If you look deep down in your heart and you sense something is off, then trust that something is definitely off!

And if this is the case you could be experiencing one or multiple forms of spiritual attacks, or in others words negative energetic manipulations of your thoughts and/or emotions.

I believe spiritual attacks can be focused on your spirit, mind and body and anyone and everything connected or related to you and if left unattended they can cause a lot of problems. They tend to operate on your mind and try to influence what you perceive and if they succeed they may not only have changed your perception but they might also have changed your belief system (which is linked to your perception) and ultimately who you (think you) are and even worse who you think others are and the world around you, causing you to maybe turn good friends into bitter enemies for no apparent reason.

Unfortunately as far as spiritual warfare is concerned ignorance is definitely not bliss! In these situations what you do not know can definitely hurt you. I wish to share with you a 3-step approach to freeing yourself from bondage to darkness. In this blog I start with the first step, I wish to share a method to break the stronghold of darkness you might be experiencing.

We are equipped with everything we need to live a happy and meaningful life – We are complete – Darkness has no more hold on our spirit, mind and body than that we allow it to have.

*Step 1Stand your ground – Break the stronghold on your spirit, mind and body – by severing any claim or bondage made to your spirit and/or mind and/or body (disconnect the darkness from your light) On my path of spiritual development, some years ago a spiritual attack to a relative was revealed to me in a dream, it made me aware of the possibility of the same happening to me in my life and the fact was I did experience it before, but I just didn’t recognize that happened to me. It led me to this prayer to Archangel Michael. I decided to read it not really believing it at first, I was very skeptical, however an amazing thing happened. I suddenly started to feel edgy, nervousness rising in me, the only thing was that it wasn’t me who felt that way, I myself was calm, yet I could sense something besides me was not! How odd is that!? Then I thought ‘What!?’ and I continued on reading, but now loaded with faith and after I finished reading it, I felt release and calm all around. At this time I had no knowledge of the Angels other than they are supposed to exist and I certainly wasn’t aware I could pray to them. Since then I started reading this prayer to Archangel Michael when I experience darkness around me and I started to believe in the angels as divine messengers and guides sent by our heavenly creator to guide us on our journey.

                               –Guidance: Prayer to Archangel Michael – (Source: Ama Nazra)

For those who wish to talk about experiencing spiritual warfare and how to deal with it I offer counseling services, if you wish more information feel free to contact me, see also the ‘Contacts’ page.

May Archangel Michael keep you safe at all times!