Stay in your Divine light

There is light and there is darkness, as energy light and darkness dwell both within us as around us.

Everything we do and create is fueled by one or both energies, this happens by our own choice!

When we do & create based on dark energy, we manifest darkness in this life and this dark energy will impact as many life’s as possible and since we are all connected to each other, be it physically (by sharing the same genes) and/or mentally (sharing the same circle) and/or spiritually (by sharing the same Divine spirit), the dark energy we create is bound to us and it will come back to us. In the same way when we do & create based on Divine light, that energy is also bound to us and comes back to us!

It is our interconnectedness which causes us to experience manifested darkness, whether we ourselves manifested darkness or not! I struggled with this part but came to understand how it works and now I struggle with it no more.

From a perspective of light the reason for this would not be the continuation of the manifestation of darkness, but for the reason of discontinuing the darkness and changing it to manifesting light.

To be able to stay in the light to the point that we manifest from it, we need to be able to discern light from darkness from our inside to our outside, so we may choose the light again and again, until we reach the point of being in the light continuously – 100% of the time.

Of the light is, Love, Caring, Compassion, Happiness, Peace, Kindness, Freedom, Cooperation, Health, Building up and much more. Darkness is the opposite of light!

You can use your awareness to discern thoughts and or emotions of darkness and when you are aware of a darkness in yourself, you can separate yourself from the thought(s) and/or emotion(s).

You are not a ‘dark thought’ or a ‘dark feeling’, those are things which need healing.

You are so much more:

-Remember that feeling of real love, that had you floating towards the ceiling?

-Or that wonderful smell that made you feel so well?

-Or when you heard words, for which you were long yearning?

-Or when you spoke to someone’s tears, with words which did not fall on deaf ears?

-Or when you saw one of life’s beautiful wonders, which made you understand, that there is so much more than you comprehend.

Your light and your spirit are one!

There is Power in your light! – So there is Power in you!

There is Strength in you!

There is Courage in you!

There is kindness in you!

There is Endurance in you!

And there is infinitely more in you because you are one of life’s unique miracles!

Remember your light and you will be doing more than alright!

Let this beautiful season of Divine Light & Love capture your heart and show you the way to brighten up each and every day of the rest of your life, as you change every aspect of darkness in your life to Divine light!

Have a Merry Christmas & a prosperous New Year

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