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~The link I am missing between Spiritual Development and ICT-Development, is Humanity.~

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Welcome to a new Blog topic, expanding awareness into ICT-Development.

According to one of the definitions of Oxford Languages, “Humanity” = “The quality of being human”. To further clarify, humanity refers to quality’s or states like; “Compassion“, “Brotherly love“, “Fellow feeling“, “Kindness“, “Kind-heartedness“, “Consideration“, “Understanding“, “Sympathy“, “Tolerance“, “Goodness”, “Good-heartedness“, “Compassion“, “Gentleness“, “Leniency“, “Mercy“, “Mercifulness“, “Pity“, “Tenderness“, “Benevolence“, “Charity“, “Generosity“, “Magnanimity“, “Compassion“.

As we continue to further digitalize our world, I believe it is becoming increasingly important to incorporate “Humanity” in ICT-Development, so that we can ensure humanity in the solutions we deliver and the way we work. I believe that if we do not give humanity the space it needs, we run the risk of omitting it, just when we might need it.

I hear people thinking, do we need that? Well, there is so much data scattered here and there, that we even have a digital existence! One made of our data as a result of our interactions with systems from so many organizations.

We do not possess our digital existence, it is so vast and it is out there, nor do we know its current state and whether/ to what extent it is aligned with our physical existence.

So I believe it is imperative that we are able to continue to create solutions which further support the alignment of our digital existence with our physical one, instead of allowing solutions which have the potential to create a rift between the two.

The ICT-Development Blog topics will concern (aspects of) humanity in ICT and is a manner to increase consciousness in ICT, to raise the quality of our solutions the highest level in line with our highest self.