Mantra – Inviting Light, Love & Positivity

According to Oxford Languages a mantra originates in Hinduism and Buddhism and is a word or sound repeated to aid concentration and/or a statement or slogan repeated frequently.

In other words it helps to increase focus. Having focus is important to achieve positive growth in any area of your life.

I am aware of Mantra’s being used in support of our main chakra’s. For instance to chant Ohm, Lam in support of our chakra’s etc. I felt inspired to create my own, Light, Love & Positivity in which the intent IS to call Light, Love and Positivity in my life, especially in a moment where I would need it the most. I felt it worked for me, it lifts my vibrations.

Feel free to drop me a line and let me know whether this mantra works for your or not.

My first Mantra for inviting Light, Love & Positivity


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