Be Strong, keep the faith and never loose hope!

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Who would want to be systemically experiencing injustice on a daily basis?

I want justice and I want clarity and I want resolution! I also would like to share some words with you to uplift you and inspire you to keep moving.

I prayed for clarity and insight into that which others were working real hard on obscuring from me concerning a grave injustice which was done to me and just a couple of days ago it was revealed to me! This is powerful, I had to let it sink in, digest it. I can hardly believe it as others were working so hard to keep it form me.

I thank God and the Divine Universe for answering my prayer! Normally I would just do my thing, but this time I decided to pray and ask for help, for the clarity and insight and I did the work, I did the research, consulted quite some organizations and God did the rest.

The revelations encompassed multiple messages, in the first place I was right, there was a grave injustice done which was being kept from me and it isn’t right and needs to be resolved! It’s possible to receive divine help however it has the most potential to reach us when we do what we can in the situation and align ourselves as much as possible with our life purpose.

God is great and inspiring!