Divine light is diminishing in the world –Turn up your light!

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There are many souls terminating their journey here on earth of which I have faith many will return to Divine light and not all are Covid-19 related.

But this also led me to become aware of Divine light in the process of being diminished in the world.

Why is being aware of this of importance? Well because it also entails that negativity, given enough space leads to darkness and in the end darkness only leads to (our individual and collective) demise.

The way to deal with allowing yourself to choose to be positive is to be conscious. You can expand your consciousness over a situation by focusing on what is going on, without giving it any thought. Just simply observing with your senses. This slowing down of an event gives you the opportunity to take in the entire event and separate it from what it does to you (something which you can then also observe), you then have the ‘space’ to (if you are sensitive to your intuition) follow your intuitive guidance or be guided from a more mental oriented state to ‘think’ of your best positive response.

By the way with ‘response’ I don’t necessarily mean an external response, it could also be a positive thought or feeling. Or even the absence of response, which I consider to also be a response to a situation, could be the positivity which the situation needs.

Let me tell you a story of one of the experiences I had. When I was around 19 years old I took a break from studying and found a job. I worked with two other ladies who were my direct colleagues, I was the youngest at that time. The other colleague was 25 and the eldest was over the 50, if I remember it well.

These two women were to train me in my work. What I was to find out was that they had a quarrel with each other and they would use me to hurt each other, by giving me faulty assignments to mess up each others work, which would then also mess me up. You can imagine that this was not a work situation which I considered pleasant a tall. This was bully behavior and it came to a point where I started to resent working there, at the worst point where I felt the negative stress of returning to work on a daily basis I felt I just had two choices, either it would break me or something had to change and I felt that if I followed that feeling I would not be able to continue working there.

So, the first decision I came to was that I had nothing to do with that situation and I was not going to let that break me! So I had made my choice. I explored how I felt and what I needed, I acknowledged my feelings fully consciously but also acknowledged that I needed to earn my salary to pay for my apartment, so I could not leave instantly but something needed to change. This clarity came after acknowledging the emotions and consciously choosing not to indulge in them, to shift my focus from how I felt to only perform the job I was hired to do at work to be able to continue to work there. This focus in turn gave me a form of peace or maybe a better word would be acceptance which allowed me to continue, while ignoring being played around and that in turn gave me strength and space I needed to figure out what next.

And I found ‘what next’, after I had exhausted of changing something in the workplace, I decided that since there was nothing to be done on that end I would have to leave, I did not like the bullying going on and I was not planning on staying on long enough to adopt that kind of behavior to bully anyone at the workplace or any other place. So I then focused on leaving and I found out I desperately wanted to go back to college, find the right ICT study, educate myself further and get my degree. After I found the right college and had arranged for the student loan, I handed in my resignation.

I have to give thanks to this challenging situation because it was for that reason that I was super motivated to search and find the ICT college which had a curriculum I resonated with 100% and I graduated with wonderful grades!

And let me add one more thing which made me super happy and proud, I worked hard to earn my degree and applied for a job and found a job and paid back every last cent on my student loan.

Do not let anybody steal your thunder – Every time you decide to stay in positivity, you increase your light and potentially also that of others. So turn up your light by choosing positivity over negativity, as often as you can!

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