Lesson learned – Experience: In order to counter darkness you need to see it

I was triggered by a post on FB focused on repentance, things we repent, we were sorry we did them and it was yesterday that I was contemplating something I did because I did not (wish to) see the entire truth and that was exactly the lesson God had for me. Let me tell you a story about helping others.

I was wrong to help my sister, but not her son!

I also know why. In the past I was a person who saw only the light in people. I resonated to and with the good in others and in turn it made them resonate with my vibrational level, elevating them from their relative vibrational level.

That is why when my sister showed up with her son at my door one day asking for help, I did not see the darkness which had grown in her as a result of the life she lived caused by her focus on lack, which actually had led her to neglect her son, causing him to develop odd behavior. Even when he showed us some of that behavior when we would watch over him while his mother spent an entire day at the church when he was 3/4 y.o. and when his mother would come back from the church after being away from him from 09:00/10:00 AM until around 18:00 hours, he would run away from her and crouch in a corner as he hugged himself crying. Because I believed she loved him dearly and I could not see the darkness.

I knew he had experienced a lot, bullying etc. but then I could not see what it was related to.

Then years after, one of the weekends he spent at my house, he broke down in tears, he did not want to go back to his Mom and a flood of horrible stories came out of his mouth about there being no food to eat, going to school with an empty stomach and more, while I amongst others, supported them with funds and food! So where were the money and food going if not to them!? What was she doing with them? I made the mistake again, to not (want?) to see how grave the situation was which allowed him to come to us and break down in tears. I thought about what to do, I could not deny his request to stay, because whom will he turn to, so I decided I would bring him back and explain the situation to her and discuss him staying with us and I believed it would work out. Well it did not! She was livid the moment she heard what he had said, she became violent, started screaming, hit me full in the face then bit me and it is by the grace of the people who saw it happen and interfered that they managed to make her stop the assault. I left and my nephew came with me, we were in a state of shock.

I knew that if I had brought the child to the police in the state of distress he was at my house, they would not only have removed the child from her care but they might have placed her in jail for neglecting her child. Even after she had bitten my hand, in the shock and the pain, I decided not to go to the police, because the situation would be perceived as an assault (which it was) but not intentionally, which would be another cause for her to be jailed falsely, which I do not believe to be justified.

The dream

I had a dream. It was about my family, we were in one of those ski lifts and it was moving through dark and then light and suddenly my eyes fell upon a little odd being, wearing a hat and I instantly new it didn’t belong there. As soon as I realized that, the being launched out to attack, bite my nephew, in the dream he would have been about 4 y.o. I instantly reacted by extending my arm before the child. I closed my eyes because I expected the bite to hurt, then I opened my eyes and I saw the being making bite movements on my arm, but it had no teeth so it did not hurt me.

I woke up and felt fear, which then turned to anger and I thought I am going to fall back asleep and if I see it again I will kill it and a weapon appeared in my minds eye. Well now, I fell asleep and rose feeling wonderful and rested, just as if I went to heaven and slept like a baby in the clouds.

I thought it was just a dream, months later at work while talking about ghost stories, I told my dream and a colleague knew to tell me by the description that the being was real, he told me the name it goes by and how there are people who use it to spread darkness!

I started to understand it was more than just a dream. I had shielded my nephew from an attack from darkness and I believe it was meant to happen, moreover the fact that the being of darkness which was sent could not bite me indicated to me it was my purpose to shield him.

The entire experience with darkness made me stronger, gave me more clarity and insight. It is like if God wants me to see beyond, more than the light, to see all that is. The Danger comes not from the light but from the darkness lurking behind the light, manipulating what is.

In order to counter it and its effects you need to see it first!

I believe God wants me to help others, but not by covering up for darkness and pretending nothing is wrong so that darkness can continue, but by motivating others to have the courage to self reflect, become aware of what is wrong which involves you and have the courage to look deeper to your own contribution to the situation to be able to identify that what you need to change within yourself.

This is the lesson I have learnt!

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