Virtues for your challenges

Today I realized how God not only unconditionally loves us but always has our back.

All virtues were given to us by our Heavenly Father.

With the word ‘virtue’ I am referring to something you gained in the sense of a ‘beneficial quality’ (source: one of the definitions of ‘Virtue’ found on the online dictionary at

When I thought of the virtues which were activated in my own situation, for instance the increase of my intuition, the ability to forgive, let go and rise above and overcome certain negativity, the ability to see the positive energy in negative events etc., it came to me that those virtues were nurtured by specific challenges.

When I say specific, I mean just that, it seems just as if God himself decided to filter the challenges which were intended for me, so that I only got those, which would trigger a corresponding virtue. I can state this because I am aware of other challenges intended for me which did not come to pass.

This made me feel extra happy because it means that even when we are unaware of it, life (God) is working on transforming us to be our best, highest and most happy selves, stimulating us on our path in life. I just needed to become fully conscious of this and the funny thing is when we serve him we serve ourselves and others v.v. And there is more, this is why we can feel save, he shields us from unnecessary harm which does not serve our highest purpose. So that we can choose to focus on fulfilling our life purpose.

All in all, gratitude is in place, that I and in fact we all may receive these virtues and not just receive them, but really experience them by applying them in our lives, that is if we want to. The choice is ours to make.

I hope to have inspired you so you can identify your virtues and use them to your benefit and that of others!

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