Govern your mind – Are you co-creating light or darkness?

“There is a war going on for the control of our mind and it is being fought in the shadows. In the war darkness seeks to thwart our lives perhaps even our destiny, by infiltrating our mind and more.”

How to arm yourself, meaning your spirit, mind & body?

Today I am discussing why I believe it is important that we acknowledge our spirit and integrate it in our lives. I believe it is linked to the things we create in this world and even more importantly I believe that if we are not the ‘driver behind the wheels’ so to speak we, will not be creating what we want.

As a result I will be writing about arming the mind because I believe that when we arm our mind we can ensure that we are creating what we ourselves want to create. We arm the mind by governing it ourselves and by subsequently letting every thought, focus, action etc. come from that alliance of the mind governed by our consciousness.

The governing of the mind

I have witnessed and sometimes even have had experiences with others who were brainwashed by other people. Even children being brainwashed! Trojan horses being planted within family circles, done by others who were intentionally planting thoughts in peoples minds to alter their perspectives! These ways are all subject to darkness!

Those who are aware and connected to their spirit, have their own spirit governing their mind. And since their own spirit is connected to the Divine Universal spirit their mind is governed form a place which is aligned with life itself, the place of our Divine Creator. Causing their mind to operate from core principles like divine light, love, compassion etc.

The key component in all is the mind. It is the mind which interprets the will of the spirit and can translate it into actions performed by the body.

If we are not conscious, our minds run the risk of mostly being driven by our ego, which is separated from Universal energy causing the mind to operate in a limited manner based on the knowledge stored in our memory banks which results in our perceptions being based solely on our internal world of memory and believes. These are the situations in which people can run the risk of their mind being influenced by others, peoples and/or entities.

A mind which is not governed by its own consciousness runs the risk of being governed by something else, causing perceptions not to be based on the ‘Now’ but on illusions.

The entities I am referring to are spiritually based entities which are a part of this Universe their actions could result in the entities being able to direct your body and the manifestations of your mind and body into this world.

So what kind of world are you co-creating? Are you co-creating to expand light or darkness? There is a difference between expanding light and darkness and it is rooted in intentions which are either in line with the Universe (= Gods) will and our free will. If the things we are aligned with are rooted in darkness we not only co-create things of darkness in our world but we also run the risk of corrupting our soul. So if we really care about our own consciousness and the world we are manifesting, it is we ourselves who will have to choose to be conscious and to govern our own mind.