Free(d) – from a major blockage

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First of all, I wish to express an eternal gratitude to people who are praying to God for me and many, many other people, to remove each and every darkness which inhibits us from connecting with our highest self, fulfilling our purpose and shinning our light in the world! I can sense you, feel you and even see 1 or 2 of you and the effect of what you are doing!

You already are blessed but may God continue to bless you and keep you safe, I am eternally grateful and am now even more inspired to carry on walking my path to find my way to bring my light to this world.

Sorry people this is going to be a long message today, please forgive my sin one more time, don’t give up on me! I have learned and will change! But stop reading if it takes too long, you can always come back another time and read on 😉

Two days ago I managed to lift a major blockage inside me. A series of (continuing) situations which emit low vibrations, I was ready to let them go, but I felt I had to really do something with them in order to let them go. But what?

I was so ready to continue to increase the raising of awareness, then it became clear, what I am about is ‘Awareness’, ‘Understanding’ and ‘Accountability’ to bypass that would mean bypassing myself, what I am, what resonates in me. What I have to do is shed the light of awareness and understanding on it and that is what I did. I sent a letter to our government to do so. As soon as I did that I felt this lift of heaviness. I slept wonderfully well that night and rose early the next morning and I shared it on FB and now that cycle is complete.

Pretense solves nothing, it inhibits change which is actually a natural part of our collective evolution.

Every time a part of me that was free was ready to move forward I would feel like something binds you and holds you back. NOW, there’s space there, it’s more a faint or distant memory, I feel something has been released so apparently it was bugging me because I did not deal with it in the way I needed to. Now when I think of the things I want to do to bring more awareness to light in this world, the heaviness, the distractive thoughts etc. they are gone…

Awareness is a natural process and can occur in steps. For me it unfolded and still unfolds as a process, there are aspects I become aware of and the more I indulge in awareness the more I become aware of not only that aspect but also of other aspects in my life. The first aspect I became aware of was Qi (energy). I became drawn to Tai Qi, enlisted in a class and started practicing Tai Qi. I also felt drawn to meditation so I bought a book ‘Energetische Meditatie’ (Energetic Meditation) from the Dutch author ‘Ton van Gelder’ which was not only explanative but also focused on practicing so had practical exercises and started exercising.

Awareness is also a unique process, none are the same (the beginning, the journey, or where you end)

I will now also focus on helping others who have experienced or are experiencing difficult situations to keep moving forward in their life. I will also be introducing video’s in which I will explore how others live their purpose and how they bring their light to this world.

2 Comments on “Free(d) – from a major blockage

  1. Inspiring thoughts ideas philosophy. Hopefully this motivates others to live their purposes.

    • Thanks for commenting on the post uncle Bill! The increase of awareness alone can bring such clarity to the choices we actually have in our lives so we can better align with what we want and need. Each to his/her own order and in his/her time.