Are you awakening?

Foto door Taryn Elliott op

There are an increasing amount of people drawn to meditation, mindfulness and spirituality.

I could not help but wonder how this relates to our current in general accepted learning system in which the adversity is a way of growing. In other words create darkness to bring out the light.

And it works, there are people who found their light after going through horrific circumstances and are sharing there light with the world, but there are also those who do not. You can feel the manifested darkness which is hanging around in the form of negative energy or worse and then there is the matter of accountability. I believe everyone should help clean the negative energy they (co-)created, it would greatly help transform negative energy to positive. So while the adversity learning system works, it comes at a high price.

Fortunately there are people being triggered to awaken/become present and as they do, a new learning system becomes available. Could it be that it is from the relative point of not being fully aware of a concept that we feel the recurring need to explore and identify the extremes? For instance, what is darkness and what is light? What would I notice in me and my life from increasing light? What would I notice in me and my life from increasing darkness? Etc. If that is the case, then if we become aware that there are these paradoxes like darkness and light, sweet and sour, we don’t have to re-explore the extremes, we can choose to explore new dimensions of these concepts by diving into them and experiencing them on that deeper level and each time we go deeper to further understand the concept, that deepening will help to balance the concepts out in ourselves and our lives, we will learn, grow and have expanded our consciousness in those areas.