Collective evolution?

Foto door Emiliano Arano op

My texts are too lengthy for some, so I will keep it shor(ter). ~ I feel we are in a huge transformational shift. I feel life seems to be urging us to not only be aware of it but to notice how the transformations are impacting everyone and everything and this is just the beginning! And I must say that I am actually loving it, I feel I need to give in to this, just go with the flow. When life itself wants change I believe it is for the better, the old is not working (anymore). It’s just like if we ourselves also need to transform, evolve if you will from the relative position we take in this life.

It is time to let go of what is not working!

To ride these waves I am drawn to understanding, being open, starting new and most of all too look deeper inside, farther within myself to better understand myself. How could you dream of understanding others or even the transformation we are going through if you do not wish to see and/or understand yourself?

In my next post I will look at forgiveness as result of the shifts in focus which I started to make on emotions from negative events to the “Silver linings” I discovered on the other side. and more about a new course I started (more like a journey), more about that in my next post.

~Shed your skin to see what’s in(side)~

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