Our inter-connectedness in life

Foto door Giallo op Pexels.com

I would like to tell you a story which proved to me the connection our spirits have in life. My mothers birthday is on May 16th, last year (2020), as I was thinking what I should do for her, words started to come to me and I felt like writing her a song. On the 12th of May the following words came to me:

Just breathe,

Just be-he,

Close your eyes and you-ho will see-ee, when live doesn’t go as you had foreseen,

I’ll be here beside you, just breathe.

Just breathe,

Just be-he,

Find happiness in you-ho and me-ee,

Even when the chips are down I won’t let you down.

As long as God doesn’t tell me to come home, Ill be around, to tell you once more to just breathe.

So just breathe,

just be-he,

Let go of all things which inhibit you from being free,

Think of all the fun you’ve had with all the people who helped you be

Remember our love for you is really true

and I’ll walk with you through the flames

Believe me when I tell you, I love you and I always will

See, I’m telling you once again, just breathe.

I recorded an audio file but did not find the music I wanted so I did not give her the song, I let her hear it after her birthday and then on May 25th I could not believe my ears when I heard what happend to Mr. George Floyd, I had to shed my tears, especially when I heard what his last words were. “I can’t breathe…..”

While my intention consciously was to write this for my mother, I could not help but feel after Mr. Floyd’s death that I had written it for him, before the event happend, outside of time……

I don’t know Mr Floyd nor do I know his family or friends, it seems life is sending us messages, we are inter-connected through life’s universal energy, we always were and we always will be, so what kind of connections are you consciously making and fostering!? You have the power to self-reflect, use it as often as possible, to gain better understanding of yourself and others in order to transform your connections in the way life is asking us to. If you don’t know where to begin with your self reflection, then before you perform any action, ask yourself would you want that for yourself or for the people you care about!? Answer truthfully and be aware of your answer and then act accordingly in line with your truth.