Awareness of thought

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Food for thought

What I have learnt in my life is that life has purpose resulting in things having value as they more or less contribute to life’s purposes. Just simply living and doing isn’t enough since we seem to also be beings of purpose and value to life, we have our own little purpose(s) in life. When we life with intent (the intentions geared solely to fulfill our purpose(s)) based on our highest possible self, we may add the value life is requesting us to add to life.

Darkness uses different forms of distractions, harassments, but also chaos and illusions and more to keep you from your path.

For anyone lacking motivation/drive, if you already feel you are heading in the right direction but something still might be feeling off, then keep doing what you are doing, just try to keep your focus as much as possible on what you are doing and keep reflecting so as not to miss little changes which might be necessary and to keep learning and growing and use techniques to silence your mind to hear the guidance from your intuition, which is linked to the Universe itself, your deity and religion.

Enjoy exploring your thoughts!